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Can You Prevent Addiction?

The White House recently released the 2022 National Drug Control Strategy for the nation. In it, you’ll find strategies for treatment and prevention and a campaign to stop drugs at the source. That’s great news for many families and individuals, but you may be wondering what you can do to prevent addiction on the homefront. So, the staff at America’s Rehab Campuses has put together the following tips.

You CAN Prevent Addiction

The following tips can help you prevent addiction before it starts.

Learn How To Deal With Peer Pressure.

Teenagers aren’t the only ones to give in to peer pressure when it comes to using illicit drugs. However, young adults are particularly susceptible to peer pressure. Parents should, therefore, maintain an open conversation with children about their activities. The more open you are about drug use, the more comfortable your teen will be coming to you for advice. Therefore, help your kids prepare a plan to deal with drug-related peer pressure, so they won’t be caught off guard.

Deal with Stress in Healthy Ways

In the busy modern world, people who feel stressed and overworked look for an escape. For some, this might be a coffee or cigarette break. Others turn to drugs or alcohol as a way to reward themselves. However, that could lead to a slippery slope. Instead, reading a good book or exercising can help you shed stress without damaging your mind or body.

Know Your Risk Factors

Do you have a family history of drug or alcohol addiction? If so, you might be more susceptible to addiction. Talk with family members who have gone through the recovery process or who still struggle with substance use disorders. This can help you avoid falling into the same traps.

If you think you have an alcohol drinking use disorder, it’s important to seek alcohol or drug addiction treatment in Arizona as soon as possible.

5. Keep a well-balanced life.

You can think of your life as a triangle that you divide between leisure activities, family responsibilities and work. By balancing these three areas, you can relieve stress and prioritize how you spend your time.

Here are additional tips for keeping a well-balanced life:

  • Talk to a therapist if something is bothering you.
  • Eat well and get plenty of exercise.
  • Maintain a journal to record your feelings.
  • Engage in prayer and meditation.
  • Make time for self-care.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to maintaining balance in your life. However, those with a healthy family and working environment are far less prone to seek happiness and satisfaction in the form of drugs and alcohol.

Safeguard Your Mental Health

Up to 20% of Americans — that’s 50 million people! — may have some form of mental illness, according to Mental Health America. Further, nearly 5% of Americans have severe mental illnesses, many of which aren’t addressed.

By seeking treatment for conditions as soon as they arise, you can avoid turning to drugs and alcohol as a crutch. Even if you stop using drugs or alcohol, you will need treatment for your mental health disorders, if you have them.

To give yourself a better chance at long-term sobriety, it’s important to address mental health issues that arise. The same holds true for seeking mental health treatment for family members having a hard time dealing with life challenges.

Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Dealing with life in a positive manner it’s a great way to avoid triggers that can lead to alcohol and drug use disorders. However, everyone makes mistakes, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on a fuller, richer life. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we treat both substance use disorders and mental health disorders. We understand that the two are intricately connected and both require care and attention. We also accept a variety of insurances including Cigna.

Contact us today to find out how you can get started back on the road to recovery with highly qualified medical staff and therapists guiding the way.