Amenities at Arizona Rehab Campus

Amenities at Arizona Rehab Campus complement traditional therapies and can have a positive impact on recovery. While it’s important to choose an accredited rehab center that offers medical detox and a variety of evidence-based therapies, it’s also important to choose a facility with amenities that can make you feel excited and motivated about your recovery from addiction.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are shown to reduce stress and behavioral urges like cravings when used in an addiction treatment setting, reports Complementary Therapies in Medicine. Buddhist philosophy states that addiction stems from the mind and that practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation teaches drug rehab patients how to reduce self-harm and shift to behaviors that are more caring, respectful, and loving.

Arizona Rehab Campus offers yoga and meditation to help both the mind and body recover from addiction. Mindfulness meditation, compassion meditation, forgiveness meditation, and gratitude meditation at ARC can help you fight depression, improve your relationships, sleep better at night, and fight urges to use drugs and alcohol.

Yoga at Arizona Rehab Campus
Yoga at Arizona Rehab Campus

Designated Smoking Area

Yoga at Arizona Rehab Campus

T.V.s in all our Detox Rooms

Fitness Center

Physical exercise helps reduce depression, anxiety, and withdrawal in those addicted to drugs and alcohol and improves the abstinence rate in illicit drug users, according to PLoS One. Patients who begin exercising following drug and alcohol detox can benefit from greater physical strength, a boost in confidence, and improved overall health.

America’s Rehab Campuses has an on campus fitness center with a variety of workout equipment and machines to help you get fit and start feeling better after overcoming drug and alcohol dependence.

America's Rehab Campuses onsite fitness center

Music Room

Music can help patients tap into emotions and needs that are typically difficult to express using other forms of communication and is beneficial to recovery regardless of a person’s musical background, reports the Journal of Addictions Nursing. For instance, drumming helps patients relax and is found to reduce the risk for relapse, while other activities, such as moving to the music’s rhythm, can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

Arizona Rehab Campus offers a music room equipped with guitars, keyboards, drums, microphones, and many other music accessories that can help make your stay more rewarding and inspiring.

America's Rehab Campuses music room

Equine Services

Equine services have shown to empower drug rehab patients and aid in their emotional growth. Horses are pack animals that can read emotions and sense moods, and will often reflect your emotions to help you heal and gain a better understanding of yourself.

America’s Rehab Campuses offers equine services so patients can bond with and care for loving, nonjudgmental horses that facilitate their recovery from addiction.

Equine Services at America's Rehab Campuses (Horse Picture 1)

America’s Rehab Campuses offers medical drug detox and a range of addiction treatment programs that are personalized for each individual patient. Other amenities offered at ARC include a swimming pool, spa, TV rooms, game rooms, and a cafeteria that serves nutritious gourmet meals. If you or a loved one needs help fighting addiction, ARC can help you experience a safe recovery while giving you access to the highest quality amenities.

Call ARC today at 833-272-7342 to verify your insurance benefits and begin the admissions and treatment process.