Vance Johnson – Ambassador


As someone all too familiar with the struggles of addiction, Vance Johnson is now serving as ambassador for America’s Rehab Campuses, also known as ARC. During his NFL career, Vance was battling addiction to alcohol and prescription medication. Following a 28-day coma, Vance began down the path to healing and restoring his faith both inside and out. It took years of effort but Vance achieved sobriety and opened the Vance Johnson Recovery Center to help guide others towards a life of happiness and fulfillment.

America’s Rehab Campuses is proud to have Vance as ambassador, especially since he’s spent time each month meeting with and talking to ARC alumni. The primary treatment and detox facility is located in Tucson, AZ where it opened in the summer of 2017. The views shared by ARC and Vance make the partnership extremely effective and beneficial for those seeking treatment.

By providing every step of addiction recovery treatment, ARC can provide consistent and customized care for every individual. Transparency in care and pricing are vital to ARC’s success as they believe care should be accessible to those who need it. Together, Vance Johnson and ARC will continue to raise awareness and standards within the substance abuse and addiction community.

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