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Start Your Recovery Today

Our treatment consultants are available to help 24/7.

Start Your Recovery Today

Our treatment consultants are available to help 24/7.

This historic hotel in Tucson, transformed into a modern state-of-the-art drug and alcohol treatment facility, offers resort style amenities, chef-inspired healthy dining and the most experienced therapists in Arizona.

Together, it’s how we bring your personal wellness to an entirely new level. America’s Rehab Campuses is…

A Life Changing Experience!

Dual-licensed and credentialed staff are passionate about helping people recover from all addictions. 200 years of combined sobriety time between Clinical Therapists!

At ARC, we bring you the most effective treatment therapies in a comfortable, upscale, private and healing environment. ARC is truly a Sanctuary of Sobriety

Each campus is designed to offer a continuum of care necessary for life-long recovery. Beautiful, ultra modern and upscale campus settings offer peace, serenity and comfort in healing.

Facility Programs and Amenities

Medical Detox

Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

Intensive Outpatient Program

Partial Hospitalization Program / PHP

Executive / Luxury Treatment Programs

Confidential, Upscale & Compassionate Treatment

Healthy and Gourmet Meals

Dietician / Nutritionist

State of The Art Treatment Facilities


Individual Assessments



Horseback Riding

Massage, Accupuncture & Chiropractic Therapies

Fun, Adventurous and Therapeutic Outings!

Pet-Friendly – Bring Your Dog!

Co-Occurring Disorders, Dual-Diagnosis and PTSD Treatments

Local Fellowship & Group Activities

Recreational Therapy

Career Counseling

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Emotional Support & Sponsorship

America’s Rehab Campuses are inclusive, luxurious environments

We offer a campus environment that builds a program around your needs.  Our facilities are equipped with pools, jacuzzis, exercise rooms, meditation classes, yoga classes, a music studio, art rooms, gardening, a restaurant, movie theatre and more.

Gabapentin Abuse on the Rise in Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction treatment centers are thought of as places of respite and refuge. Here, harboring secrets of bad choices, traumatic events and uncovering the darkest memories that will ultimately help patients and their families find their way back into a better life,...

Understanding Urine Samples and Blood Testing During Drug Treatment and Recovery

If you were to ask your friends or coworkers how they’d feel about mandatory random drug testing in the workplace or at school, the overwhelming response would likely be immersed in anger and resentment at the disrespect for personal privacy. Now ask the same question...

How Can Meditation Aid Your Recovery Process?

Addiction is not an easy disease to fight. Along with posing a significant risk to an addict’s life, it also takes a toll on them emotionally, socially and financially. It can cost them their job and eventually lose their family due to their ‘irresponsible’ behavior....

We are here to help…

We’ve been there and know how it feels.  There’s a better way.

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