MHN Insurance for Medical Detox and Drug Rehab

Managed Health Network (MHN) offers behavioral health benefits for its members who need help fighting substance use disorders and mental illness. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction and have MHN insurance, your benefits may allow you to receive partial or full coverage on inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment from treatment providers like America’s Rehab Campuses. MHN may also provide coverage for services including medical detox, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient rehab, and residential drug rehab.

About MHN Insurance for Drug Rehab

MHN is headquartered in San Rafael, California, and has more than 40 years of experience in behavioral healthcare. MHN serves more than 800 client accounts and is partnered with more than 63,000 licensed practitioners and 1,500 healthcare facilities. This health network is also licensed as a specialized healthcare service plan in mental health and chemical dependency under the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Plan Act. The network also partners with a number of leading behavioral health organizations to increase the awareness of challenges and treatments in behavioral health.

MHN behavioral health plans only cover mental health and substance abuse treatments that are considered medically necessary. These benefits generally include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient assessment and treatment.
  • Alternative levels of care such as residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient rehab.
  • Sessions with counselors, psychiatrists, and psychologists.
  • Treatment follow up and aftercare.

Outpatient drug rehab visits generally do not require preauthorization. However, MHN may pay for certain benefits if they have been preauthorized.

Using MHN Insurance for Medical Drug Detox

Some addiction types must be treated using medical drug detox to reduce the risk for withdrawal-related complications such as dehydration and seizures. If medical detox is deemed medically necessary for your substance use disorder, MHN may provide coverage for this service.

Medical detox helps you safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol to overcome physical dependence on these substances. The addiction types for which medical detox may be medically necessary include alcohol, heroin, painkillers, methamphetamine, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and prescription stimulants. Medications are often used in medical drug and alcohol detox to relieve symptoms and reduce the risk for complications.

Using MHN Insurance for Inpatient Drug Rehab

MHN provides coverage for inpatient residential drug rehab programs when these programs are deemed medically necessary. These programs provide 24-hour medical care, monitoring, and supervision for those experiencing a psychiatric crisis or who are diagnosed with other medical conditions that require intensive care.

Patients who receive inpatient and residential treatment can live at the drug or alcohol rehab center for the duration of their treatment program and benefit from a highly structured routine comprising therapy sessions, support group meetings, and therapeutic recreational activities. After completing their inpatient and residential rehab programs, patients often transition to a lower level of care such as partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or standard outpatient drug rehab to receive continued support and drug education.

Recover From Addiction Today Using MHN Insurance

America’s Rehab Campuses is an in-network provider for MHN. Those who have MHN insurance and need help recovering from substance use disorders can receive full or partial coverage for many of our treatment programs and services. Fill out our insurance verification form to learn more about your benefits through MHN, or call us today at 833-272-7342 to verify your benefits by phone and begin the treatment process.