americas rehab campuses inpatient program

America’s Rehab Campus knows how important overcoming addiction is when it comes to taking back control of your life from substance abuse. When we opened the doors to our Tucson campus in 2017, we understood the responsibility that came with it. Our goal at ARC is to provide comprehensive and individualized addiction rehab programs to those who need it most.

With world-class amenities and a compassionate recovery team of medical professionals, ARC is equipped to handle any instance of addiction no matter how severe. Our success is based on your long-term sobriety rather than solely on completion of treatment. By focusing each rehab program on preparing you for a new sober lifestyle, addiction treatment at ARC greatly reduces your chances of future relapse.

It All Starts With a Custom Treatment Plan

No two stories of addiction are the same and each one will have its own unique chapters that lead to recovery. The length and level of involvement of treatment will depend on your personal needs such as physical, mental, and emotional. In order to begin treatment, you must end all substance use including legal substances such as alcohol or marijuana in some states. Our medical detox helps you break away from the dependencies created by substance abuse using medication assisted treatment, or MAT.

Once you’ve had the chance to safely detox and withdraw from drugs and alcohol, your individualized treatment plan can begin.

Why a Tailored Approach Is So Important

Given how accessible addictive substances have become, treatment must tackle the root causes of addictive behavior as changing from one substance to another isn’t a solution. The ARC team has experience helping individuals from all walks of life find personal growth, health, and sobriety. Addiction’s impact also goes beyond the individual as those closest to them may be hurt by their actions when under the influence.

To better understand the bigger picture, ARC begins every treatment program with a non-invasive evaluation conducted by an on-site physician and psychologist. This process helps us discover:

  • Your medical needs, both physically and mentally
  • Any loved ones that would benefit from family therapy to heal with you during recovery
  • The severity and extent of your addiction

Each piece of information gleaned from the evaluation is used to create your bespoke treatment program here at ARC. Whether you need inpatient residential rehab, a partial hospitalization program, an intensive outpatient program, or sober living arrangements, our comprehensive treatment options have you covered. Providing you with anything less than a holistic experience would increase your odds of relapse which is why we’ve chosen to cover every aspect of addiction treatment in one place at ARC.

The ARC Team Is Here To Help You

Everyone deserves a chance at a fulfilling and sober life free from addiction. We understand that addiction isn’t who you are but rather something you’re fighting in order to be yourself again. Outside of traditional treatment, our rehab programs help you:

  • Build life and career skills to find gainful employment after treatment
  • Reconnect and reconcile with those you may have hurt while battling addiction
  • Abstain from future substance use with positive coping mechanisms and help identifying triggers

Combine all of this with resort-style facilities including athletic courts, a fitness center, yoga and meditation rooms, on-site hair salon and spa, craft rooms, and anything else you may need to nurture your mind and body during treatment. Finding yourself again is part of recovery, and we’re here to guide you along the way.

We encourage anyone in need of help facing down addiction to reach out to the ARC team today for a free consultation.