Alcohol Recovery Tucson

Alcoholism has always been a serious problem in Tucson, for a variety of reasons. On the one hand, excessive drinking on the weekends is seen as a normal way to unwind after a hard week at work. Drinking as a self-destructive coping mechanism for mental illness, trauma, and tragedy are also commonplace. However, alcohol abuse in Arizona has grown even more serious in recent years. Rehab facilities are at the forefront of alcohol recovery in Tucson, and their combination of psychological and medical interventions represents an ideal way to overcome alcoholism.

Growing Alcoholism Crisis in Tucson

Routine drinking, extreme binge drinking, and other forms of problematic drinking are on the rise in Tucson and across the United States. While rates of alcohol abuse have fluctuated in the past, the current spike is largely attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Stress

The pandemic itself continues to create stress in many ways, from the fear of a vulnerable loved one falling ill to worries about the international situation. Compared to the past, the general populace is simply having to live at a higher baseline level of stress than anyone could be accustomed to.

Social Isolation

Loneliness and isolation are frequent companions and root causes of addiction in the best of times. In recent years, virtually everyone is dealing with a more isolated lifestyle than before. Transitions to remote work, social distancing requirements, and self-imposed limitations on socializing all contribute to this growing sense of disconnection.

Economic Hardship

While the economy has been bouncing back, many people lost their jobs during the pandemic or otherwise suffered enduring economic fallout. Finding a new job, cutting back on things you enjoy to rebuild your savings, and other problems related to the recent economic downturn likely contribute to rising rates of alcoholism.

Modern Alcohol Recovery in Tucson

Our understanding of addiction has grown dramatically in recent decades, and treatment is better able than ever to help people get clean. Contrary to the unscientific, shame-oriented methods of the past, modern alcohol recovery services in Tucson apply evidence-based approaches to each step of the recovery journey.

Get Started with Detox

Detox and withdrawals are scary and painful on your own, but they can be much easier. The right combination of therapeutic help, withdrawal-easing medication, and supervision makes the detox process easier and helps you start recovery on the right foot.

Rebuild a Healthy Lifestyle in Rehab

A large part of overcoming addiction is building a life that you don’t need to use drugs to escape from. Building healthy coping mechanisms, tackling your underlying psychological issues, and finding a supportive community can go a long way to ensuring a smooth recovery.

Transition Back Into Independent Life

After completing rehab, you’ll be the best version of yourself you’ve been in a long time. However, you also find yourself facing considerable challenges in the leap back to normal life. There are many resources available to make this transition easier, though. For instance, you can make your transition while staying at a sober living home that will provide you a safe, supportive, alcohol-free environment to start and finish each day. Long-term outpatient therapy and support are also invaluable resources in maintaining your recovery and staying clean indefinitely.

ARC Offers Comprehensive Alcohol Recovery in Tucson

America’s Rehab Campuses strives to offer the best possible alcohol recovery in Tucson. Our individual services each use the latest evidence-based methods, but we also operate as a comprehensive source for alcoholism treatment. Get in touch today and together, we’ll build a recovery plan to help you get sober and stay that way.


Alcohol Recovery Tucson