It’s way more common than you think

Relapse is common and it does not discriminate. It is said that between 40-60% of people suffering from addictions will relapse at least once during recovery. For Annie, it was multiple relapses, multiple rock bottoms, and multiple treatment centers.

Annie’s Story

Living in Arizona, Annie’s decisions had led her to being homeless and addicted to injection drugs on the street. She had already been to multiple treatment centers for her drug addiction, and still found herself back to her old friends, her old hangouts, and her old emotional habits. Surrounded by a familiar lifestyle, Annie decided she had to do something different this time. She couldn’t keep going to the same treatment centers, she only ended up relapsing. She decided to try a new facility she had heard of. Luckily, that place she had heard of was ARC, which as she states – was the best decision she made because it ultimately saved her life.

Annie is enrolled in our live in program where she will spend the holidays this year. She’ll be sad to miss Thanksgiving with her family at home but she is looking forward to spending this holiday season with her new family and friends at ARC. The community between the peers and the staff here is unparalleled. The relationships you forge here carry well beyond your time at ARC, the healthy relationships you create are for life. You leave knowing you have a team of professionals and friends who will support you, encourage you, and be there for you when you need them.

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