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Making the decision to invest in drug addiction treatment is one of the most important things you will do during your lifetime. It is a brave decision because you are taking on the unknown to help support your recovery and your family’s needs. Yet, many people wonder about costs. How will you cover the costs associated with drug and alcohol treatment? If you have private health insurance, chances are good your plan will provide some coverage to you. However, there are a few things you should know before assuming this.

America’s Rehab Campuses can offer help. Our team can help to verify the insurance coverage you have and determine what type of care may be available to you.

Does Your Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Insurance plans differ significantly. For that reason, it is important to verify the type of policy you have to know if it covers insurance addiction treatment. If you purchased your insurance through the Healthcare Marketplace, chances are good your policy covers mental health needs, including substance abuse treatment, as it is required to do so under law.

Keep in mind that each policy also differs in what is covered. Here are some things you should know.

  • The length of your treatment in a residential treatment program may have some limits with some policies. You will need to verify how long your treatment will continue.
  • The type and amounts of medication you have available to you as a component of your policy may differ from one policy to the next.
  • You may find that the type of care your receive may vary. This may include access to medical detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient care.

Also, note that many people who need treatment for substance abuse also need medical care. This is especially true for those who are battling illness or disease brought on by their condition.

Most health insurance plans also include coverage for mental health treatment. If you need behavioral health treatment, this may help to cover the costs.

How Can You Verify Your Coverage?

America’s Rehab Campuses has a team of professionals that can provide you with detailed information about your policy. That includes providing you with information about the type of coverage you have, what it covers, and what to expect in terms of additional charges or fees.

Our goal is always to be transparent with you about the cost of the care your receive with us. Most insurance policies accommodate coverage for our services, but we will talk to you about any costs that are not covered. That way, you know what to expect.

Give us a call. Provide us with information on your health insurance card. We can verify the coverage that you have in a few minutes. That includes telling you if we accept coverage from your provider. We work with most private insurance companies and plans.

There is no charge for this verification process. You will not see any charges added to your health insurance either.

What If You Do Not Have Coverage?

The more information you have about the health insurance policy you have, the better. Keep in mind that our goal is to help you get the care you need. That is why we will work with you to determine if you have coverage and, if not, what programs, grants, and financing options are available to you.

We can also help you if you are currently on Medicare or Medicaid.

What to Do Now to Get Drug and Alcohol Treatment

If you are facing the risk of overdose or other life-threatening complications from your condition, visit an emergency room for immediate help.

We can help you right away in many cases. If you need help with drug addiction in Arizona, call our team to discuss your needs with us. We will answer your questions and help to determine what type of health care coverage is available to you.

Do not put your care on hold until you find insurance. Let our team at America’s Rehab Campuses help you today as a first step. Contact us now to learn more about the treatment plans we offer and to get help for your specific needs.