Leisurely activities for sobriety

One of the biggest motivators behind seeking out addiction treatment is the goal of having a new, sober lifestyle. Part of this includes new hobbies and interests that don’t revolve around alcohol or drug use which can be a challenge if your previous outings consisted mostly of bars or clubs. Comprehensive and individualized rehab can help you discover what your passions truly are when your mind isn’t clouded by addiction.

Hobbies Let You Express Yourself

There’s no denying that part of you gets lost when addiction takes over, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost for good! Substance abuse can take all of your spare time and energy whether that’s due to chasing down more substances or suffering from withdrawals in between uses. Pair this with an inability to think about much else outside of the target of your addiction, and you quickly lose yourself.

Not only do you get to start figuring out more about yourself, your new hobbies can be used as healthy coping mechanisms to turn to in times of stress. A great starting point is to think about something you might like to create. It could be music, art, pottery, woodworking, anything that lets you express yourself. Oftentimes these crafts have a low cost of entry and can even be turned into successful businesses once you get started.

Surround Yourself With Other Hobbyists

In order to find out what hobbies you like, you should look for nearby groups that meet up with specific guidelines that restrict drinking. You’ll be surprised at the number of sober hobby or sport groups, ranging from painting classes to kickball leagues. Each group is a chance to make new friendships from a place of personal connection rather than shared substance use.

Spending time with others has another crucial benefit, it helps fight off loneliness and depression. For many guests at America’s Rehab Campus, their social groups drastically change as they remove themselves from environments that only serve as drug or alcohol abuse havens. New connections are also created in your mind, allowing for more positive feedback from engaging in activities you enjoy.

As you get better at your craft, sport, or hobby, your confidence will start rising as well. Every project or game is another instance of you proving that you can overcome addiction and still live a life full of personal fulfillment.

Types of Hobbies To Explore

Thanks to an increase in social platforms where you can form local groups online to meet up in person, you truly have an endless sea of hobbies and activities to match your intensity preferences. Some good categories to dive into include:

  • Sober or social bar meetups with non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Recreational sport leagues like softball, disc golf, or flag football.
  • Volunteer groups that support causes you feel passionate about.
  • Educational classes to learn skills like glassblowing or gardening.
  • Outdoor activities like hikes and bird watching to relax in nature and get some fresh air and sunshine.

You’ll find that a majority of these hobbies come at little or no cost or equipment needed. If you aren’t feeling up to group activities, try any of them on your own! Visit the crafting store or hit the trails for some quality time with yourself!

Get Started on the Next Step in Your Life

When you’ve made the decision to start treatment, America’s Rehab Campuses are here to help. Our team is committed to your long-term success, with lifelong sobriety being our ultimate goal. Whether you just started struggling with addiction or have endured it for some time now, it’s never too late. Reach out today to get the help you deserve.