For safe and reliable recovery from alcohol addiction, we recommend coming to our Arizona alcohol treatment centers immediately. America’s Rehab Campuses owns some of the most well-known rehab facilities, promoting sustainable recovery and healing from addiction. We can handle even the most advanced addictions, including alcoholism, which ranks among the world’s most widespread disorders.

How To Treat Alcoholism?

The best chance you have at overcoming alcohol addiction is tackling it in its incipient phases. Quitting cold turkey at that point may be a viable option since the withdrawal symptoms are not as severe. The problem is that people only consider alcohol detox when they are already at the end of their rope, and self-detox when it comes to advanced addiction is not an option.
Most of our clients have attempted various self-treatments before arriving at our facility with, at best, inconclusive results. They have all relapsed soon into the process due to withdrawal’s severity or have suffered disrupting drug interactions, side-effects, and even overdoses in some cases. Unsupervised alcohol detox can prove fatal in severe alcohol addiction cases or when the patient struggles with additional disorders that may interact with the treatment. To make sure you recover from your addiction safely, we recommend contacting our team for expert treatment in a controlled and comfortable recovery setting.

What Happens During Alcohol Rehab?

The rehabilitation process unfolds similarly for all substances, including alcohol, opioids, prescription drugs, meth, cocaine, etc. At our Arizona alcohol treatment centers, we rely on several rehab phases to achieve the best long-term results. These include:

Preliminary clinical and psychiatric assessment – This stage is part of the intake process when our clinicians gather data about your medical situation. They will get information about your addiction, withdrawal severity and symptoms, and medical profile to craft a patient-oriented program for lasting sobriety and stability.

Detox and dual diagnosis treatment – The detox process involves medication and therapy to cope with the withdrawal symptoms, drastically reduce cravings, prevent short-term relapse, and flush alcohol-related components and toxins from your system. We also use medication to address underlying co-occurring disorders that may impact your ability to heal from addiction and remain sober and healthy in the long run.

Inpatient treatment – The inpatient treatment offers therapy, medication management, counseling, group therapy, and recreational activities in a controlled, comfortable, and luxurious healing setting. It is the most time and cost-effective and reliable treatment for coping with even the most severe addictions.

Outpatient programs – Here, we include recovery programs like PHP, IOP, and outpatient program as part of a structured recovery protocol with extensive long-term benefits.

Sober living – A reliable treatment option for people who need extensive care after completing more intensive treatment programs.

For additional information about our Arizona alcohol treatment centers, you can always contact America’s Rehab Campuses and speak with a representative. If you wish to quit your alcohol addiction today, we recommend acting now. Don’t let your alcoholism take over and destroy your life; call our expert rehab clinicians and make an appointment for assessment and intake at our facility!