Woman during drug withdrawal

If you have problems with fentanyl addiction, you need all the help you can get. America’s Rehab Campuses helps you deal with your fentanyl withdrawal safely and comfortably, in a controlled and home-like environment. Fentanyl is vastly more powerful than morphine and can trigger an overdose faster than any other drug. It is also an opioid, which means it will inflict severe addiction potentially with the first use and the rehabilitation process is more challenging than with other substances.

How To Treat The Opioid Withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal can inflict severe side effects, including anorexia, nausea, and vomiting, hypertension, anxiety, etc. The danger of overdosing will exacerbate the risks of attempting self-detox, as the effects may include seizures, coma, and death. The only way to safely treat opioid withdrawal is in a reputed facility, under continuous supervision and medical assistance. This will eliminate many of these risks, as you will find yourself under continuous supervision throughout the treatment.

Our competent clinicians and psychiatrists are ready to intervene and ensure top medical assistance if anything goes awry. You cannot achieve this level of safety and comfort during your self-detox attempts, which is why you should always consider professional detox and treatment as soon as possible.

When To Begin Opioid Detox?

If you’re dealing with opioid addiction, the answer is – as soon as possible. Opioid addiction carries additional risks, compared to other drugs, due to the substance’s nature and mechanism. Its ability to cause overdose at any point makes it among the deadliest substances, and postponing the treatment will only increase the risk of severe health complications or even death. The fentanyl withdrawal alone can make your life a living hell and put you on the road to overdose fast.

If you’ve made up your mind and seek immediate detox treatment and rehab assistance, we urge you to contact our clinicians asap. We rely on patient-oriented detox and recovery in a safe, comfortable, and serene environment, promoting long-term healing and stability. You can only get that in a certified rehab center with a team of competent and experienced clinicians supervising the recovery process.

Can You Quit Fentanyl Cold Turkey?

No, and we advise against trying it. The fentanyl withdrawal will most likely cause you to relapse, and every time you do, you risk overdosing. Quitting cold turkey rarely works and only with weak drugs like cannabis or tobacco. Opioids, on the other hand, inflict severe psychological and physical addiction, with symptoms that may last for weeks or months in many cases. No individual can withstand weeks of physical and psychological torture when relief is one dose away.

To quit your opioid addiction today, we recommend contacting our rehab specialists as soon as possible. We will address your addiction condition and co-occurring disorders via specific medication-based programs, therapy procedures, and counseling sessions meant to promote sobriety, stability, and healthy living over the years. Call America’s Rehab Campuses, ask to speak with a rehab expert, and make an appointment for medical assessment, intake, and detox today.