America's Rehab Campuses Tucson

America’s Rehab Campuses ranks among the premier rehabilitation facilities in the industry with patient-oriented programs, a team of competent professionals, and an unbeaten track record. Our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tucson ensure healthy and comfortable recovery from addiction, allowing patients also to address their mental problems during the treatment.

What Is The Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

The dual diagnosis treatment refers to the coexistence of two or more disorders, one of which is substance addiction. The other is generally a mental condition related to it, which may include anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, severe depression, mental or emotional traumas, etc. Studies show that over 45% of addiction victims will develop some mental disorder at some point, while others already deal with one at the time of beginning their substance abuse.

Many individuals will resort to drug or alcohol abuse to cope with their mental problems and their debilitating effects, move past a loved one’s death, deal with emotional traumas, etc. The reasons are many, but the results are almost always the same – growing, chronic substance addiction that will infect their lives in all aspects. To overcome this problem, you need a rehab treatment to address both your addiction and its triggers along the way.
If you’re an addiction victim, we advise you to immediately contact our rehab facility. Co-occurring disorders are notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat due to their symptoms being similar to those of substance addiction in many cases. Our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tucson offer extensive dual diagnosis assistance, allowing you to recover in heal in a supportive and comfortable setting.

How To Know If I Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

It may be difficult to self-diagnose your co-occurring disorders due to the conditions’ unique specifics. It’s not like diagnosing a broken leg where you can be impartial about your problem. With addiction and mental health problems, that objectivity flies out the window, as you observe and interpret everything through a subjective lens that may and will deceive you. This is why most people suffering from addiction resort to denial and deceiving to protect their harmful habits. You would think they should know better, right?

The answer to that lies in how these mental problems affect your perception and change your thinking pattern altogether. For an on-point diagnosis, you should consider contacting our professionals as soon as possible and have them check your situation. Remember, even experts have difficulties identifying mental problems and separating their symptoms from those of prolonged and aggressive addiction.
Fortunately, our rehab experts’ experience and competence are unbeaten in the industry, allowing them to offer targeted dual diagnosis treatment for immediate benefits. Seek our dual diagnosis treatment centers in Tucson, speak to our top experts and find the relief you deserve!

You can contact America’s Rehab Campuses at 833-272-7342, or you can leave a message online, and one of our rehabilitation clinicians will contact you shortly. It’s time to act and get the rehab treatment you deserve and need to change your life forever.