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At America’s Rehab Campuses, we realize that the reason why most addiction victims fail to self-detox is drug withdrawal. The withdrawal can become so aggressive in some scenarios that you even risk losing your life attempting to self-treat your condition. This is why we advise against any form of drug or alcohol-related self-treatments, as these may cause more harm than good.

How To Detox Safely And Comfortably From Drug Addiction

The only way to detox safely is in a reputed and certified facility, under expert clinical supervision. This is because the detox process can cause a variety of health problems, especially if you’re dealing with severe and prolonged addiction. In that case, your condition is already advanced, as the drug has caused severe chemical imbalances in your brain. You will need time to recover physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and attempting to detox alone is bound to fail.

Even professional detox can come with its ups and downs, as overcoming the withdrawal can cause noticeable side-effects and physical and psychological discomfort along the way. The difference is that, with professional detox, our team of competent clinicians are ready to correct the problems on the spot. They will intervene whenever necessary to tweak the detox process and ensure your safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

The Dangers Of Drug Self-detox

Self-detoxing carries multiple health risks, including:

Dangerous drug interactions – Most addiction victims will often resort to several drugs to taper off their drug withdrawal and achieve sustainable sobriety. Many use prescription medication to address some of the withdrawal symptoms along the way. Combining so many drugs without possessing relevant knowledge and expertise in the field can only lead to catastrophe.

Unmanageable side-effects – Severe withdrawal can cause a multitude of side-effects, many of which are unmanageable without professional assistance.

Overdoses – Lacking expertise in handling medication can lead to overdoses fast, which are a significant risk to your life.

Continuous relapse – Most addiction victims relapse no matter how many times they attempt to self-detox, what medication they use, or how persistent they are in their endeavor. Over time, this can lead to a fall in confidence and self-esteem, preventing them from contacting professionals for expert clinical and psychiatric services.

These issues show why self-detox is an unreliable and even dangerous procedure. The problem is that so many addiction victims prefer to self-treat their condition due to fear of social stigma or judgmental attitudes.

Why Our Detox Program Is Ideal For You

Our detoxification program ensures safe and comfortable detox and recovery in a serene and monitored environment. You will have a team of empathetic, competent, and non-judgmental clinicians supervising the process to ensure your safe and healthy recovery. We advise you to consider our rehab offer and chat with our rehab professionals about your treatment options.

America’s Rehab Campuses offers personalized drug withdrawal, allowing you to recover and heal in a home-like environment, far away from everyday stressors and triggers. Call our rehab team now, make an appointment, and we’ll take your case on the spot.