Opiate Withdrawal Treatment Options

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we rely on customized detox services to help people overcome addiction and embrace a sober, healthy, and more fulfilling lifestyle over the years. If you require immediate drug detoxification in Arizona, we urge you to seek our professional assistance and refrain from any self-detox procedures.

Why Drug Self-detox Is Bad

The detox treatment refers primarily to taking medication to taper off addiction symptoms and overcome cravings. The procedure will also minimize the withdrawal’s impact, flush any drug-related toxins from your system, and allow your brain and nervous system to stabilize and heal. Needless to say, self-detox comes with multiple risks, including unforeseen drug interactions, life-threatening side-effects, new addictions, and even overdoses.

How To Detox From Drug Addiction Safely?

We advise contacting a detox and rehab facility for smooth and safe detoxification and recovery services. Our rehab center ensures patient-oriented detox in a comfortable and secure environment, allowing patients to overcome the withdrawal safely. Professional supervision is key to safe detoxification, seeing how many things can go wrong during the process. All patients are different and have various addictions, co-occurring disorders, and unique situations that they’re dealing with, and the detox treatment doesn’t work for all of them the same.

To ensure the treatment’s safety and success, we employ specific recovery procedures during the drug detoxification in Arizona. These include medication-based treatment, behavioral therapies, counseling sessions, individual and group therapy, etc. The goal is to help our patients:

Beat the withdrawal symptoms and achieve a more balanced state of mind

Contain their cravings and urges

Regain their positivity, confidence, and optimism

Learn to fight their harmful and negative thoughts and emotions

Focus on the future

Embracing a healthier and sober lifestyle, etc.

Is Detox Enough To Overcome Addiction?

The clearest and most honest answer is no. The detoxification procedure is only one phase in the rehabilitation process with the sole goals of stabilizing the patients and prepare them for upcoming rehabilitation programs. At our facility, our program for drug detoxification in Arizona is one component of a more extended rehab system encompassing residential program, IOP, outpatient services, sober living, PHP, and aftercare services.

To ensure safe, comfortable, and reliable rehabilitation from addiction, you need to embark in a life-transforming journey, going through all the necessary procedures and treatments. This will allow you to recover on your own terms, regain your mental and emotional stability, and begin the journey towards a better future for yourself and your family.

Call America’s Rehab Campuses, speak to our rehab experts, and seek the treatment you need today. We’re here for contact if you need information about our insurance and treatment options or want to make an appointment soon.