Vance Johnson - America's Rehab Campuses

Coming to the end of 2021 and the start of 2022 is a breath of fresh air for many of us. It’s a chance to put everything that’s troubled us this last year in the rear view mirror. Moving forward is the only way to make progress towards the life you want to live.

For some of us, it’s not as simple as just pushing through to the new year. America’s Rehab Campus is open every day of the year and we see how difficult the holidays can be for those in recovery. Thanks to the addition of Vance Johnson to the ARC family, 2022 is looking to be the best one yet for addiction awareness, education and treatment.

Vance’s Story of Triumph Over Addiction

Vance Johnson is an inspiration to those who have struggled with addiction to drugs or alcohol and now speaks at ARC regularly as an ambassador. Growing up with a troublesome life, Vance found himself escaping reality with football and his family did everything they could to support him through his early career.

After making his way to the NFL, Vance had a challenging month that made him certain he was going to be cut from the team. It was this stress that led him to his first encounter with alcohol which turned into his coping mechanism.

Even through all of this, Vance stayed the course and overcame his addiction. He showcased that anyone can develop an addiction or dependence on a substance regardless of how successful they’ve become.

After Achieving Sobriety

Since achieving sobriety in 2013, Vance has spoken to over 500,000 students at different high schools and universities. You can even find Vance helping those struggling with addiction on A&E’s “Intervention” which is a series dedicated to working directly with the individual and their loved ones.

In an interview with ESPN, Vance talks about why the show means so much to him.

“It’s a program I 100 percent believe in, offering hope to people out there struggling with addiction,” he shares regarding the “Intervention series. “The help doesn’t just stop when the person goes through treatment, either. We want to be there to make sure there is a next level of care, for the rest of your life.”

Making his way from Las Vegas to ARC’s home of Tucson, Vance now hosts talks and group discussions for our Arizona residents. Vance’s story and ability to lift up those who hear it are what make him such an impactful speaker. ARC is honored to help raise awareness and understanding by working with Vance Johnson.

America’s Rehab Campus Is Always Available

Just as Vance is sharing his success story, it can be extremely beneficial to share yours as well. We encourage our ARC alumni to come listen to Vance speak and reconnect with others who have overcome the same hurdles.

One of the reasons that hearing how someone else found sobriety is so helpful is that it motivates those currently in or fresh out of treatment. The more insights and knowledge you gain about addiction, the easier it can be to find what works for you to remain sober after treatment.

There’s a reason that peer support groups are used in nearly every form of substance abuse and addiction treatment. It’s difficult to process your own thoughts and feelings while trying not to be overwhelmed by addictive behaviors and substance dependencies. ARC alumni are always welcome to share their experience here on campus.

Vance Johnson and America’s Rehab Campus are dedicated to helping those impacted by drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. Anyone in need of help should contact our team of compassionate recovery specialists immediately for a free and private consultation. Let’s work together to make 2022 the year of sobriety and success!