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America’s Rehab Campuses invites you to the most reliable alcohol treatment centers in Tucson for personalized and comfortable detox and recovery from alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is a brutal and chronic disorder with severe long-term effects. You can’t fight it alone, you can’t ignore it, and you can’t self-treat. What can you do, then?

How to quit drinking today

Quitting cold-turkey rarely works in mild alcohol addiction issues and always fails when talking about advanced addiction. The withdrawal usually sets in several hours after the last drink and may very well last weeks or months. Months of physical, mental, and emotional misery that will affect you psychologically and ruin your relationships with those around you. Ignoring it is never an option since, like drug addiction, it’s a progressive disorder that aggravates with time.

You have several things to do to escape its grip:
Overcome the denial – All addicts go through the denial phase, where they deny their problem and refuse any help. Be realistic and honest with yourself and move past that. Only then will you be able to act with a clear mind and determination to achieve your sobriety goals.
Shed your fears and shame away – Fearing public stigma won’t do you any good. You need to move beyond that and accept that detox and rehab are your only two options when it comes to quitting addiction for good and getting your life back.
Contact our facility immediately – Our alcohol treatment centers in Tucson offer personalized treatment and controlled detox in a comfortable and monitored environment. There is nothing to fear here since you will have a team of empathetic, certified, and non-judgmental experts supervising the detox process and ensuring top medical and psychiatric care.
Consider inpatient treatment – Our inpatient treatment places patients in a comfortable, home-like environment, where they will undergo many recovery programs. These include medication management, behavioral therapies, dual diagnosis treatment, motivational enhancement therapy, 12-step meetings, family therapy, etc. The inpatient program is the most reliable at promoting long-term sobriety and relapse prevention over the years.
Always go for follow-up treatment – No matter how effective the inpatient treatment is, you need reliable follow-up treatment to ensure long-lasting results. Here we include IOP, PHP, and outpatient treatment for those who need extensive care and support after completing the inpatient treatment. You can also opt for a sober living program if you need guidance and support with social reintegration and becoming self-sufficient and independent.

The best alcohol treatment centers in Tucson:

To defeat alcohol addiction for good, you need immediate medical, psychiatric, and holistic care. Our rehabilitation programs promote healing and custom recovery in a supportive, safe, and comfortable environment. If you’re ready to act and quit your addiction for good, we recommend contacting our rehab specialists today.

Call America’s Rehab Campuses, ask for details about our insurance and payment options, and treatment programs, and we’ll provide all the necessary information on the spot! Strengthen your mind, ask for help, and we will provide it!