America's Rehab Campus for Addition Treatment

Committing to seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult if you’re unsure whether or not you need help. If drug or alcohol use is negatively impacting your life, it’s likely time to attend rehab. America’s Rehab Campus offer holistic and personalized rehab treatment programs that keep you safe and comfortable throughout. To help you decide if you need rehab, we’ve put together four of the most common signs of addiction.

1. Drugs or Alcohol Are Your Main Focus

Addiction often stems from multiple forces that eventually led to your first time using drugs or alcohol. Over time, it’s easy to forget why you started using substances or even why you currently do. It’s a common occurrence as addiction causes your brain to operate differently, ultimately causing you to put drug and alcohol use above everything else. You may notice work or school performance begin to suffer as they lose priority.

2. Personal Health Has Declined

Since drugs and alcohol alter how we feel, it’s difficult to understand the damage they do both physically and mentally. Substance abuse can cause organ damage, memory loss, depression, anxiety, weight loss, blood pressure changes, and even seizures in severe cases. Your brain is also rewired by addiction based on the substance being abused. Certain drugs activate neurotransmitters to produce more chemicals to create the “high” they’re known for. Once drugs and alcohol are no longer present in your body, your brain has to learn how to function in a sober state once again.

3. Financial Troubles Keep Popping Up

Being able to take care of yourself and any family you have takes financial stability. When substance abuse and addiction set in, you may notice that your paychecks don’t last as long as they used to. Even if your basic needs of housing and food are met, not having any extra funds to spend on hobbies or other activities leaves substance use as the only activity you spend time doing. It’s important to open up your life to new hobbies and interests to diminish addiction’s presence in your life.

4. Loved Ones Have Noticed a Change

Addiction’s impact goes beyond the individual as friends and family members notice when someone they love has changed with little to no explanation. This could be due to a decline in personal health and hygiene, an increase in hostility in interactions, or self-isolation from social circles. If someone mentions they’re worried about you, understand that it’s from a place of caring as they’d likely not bring up such a sensitive topic without valid concern.

Start the Journey of Recover With Professional Rehab

The sooner you seek help for addiction to drugs or alcohol, the less damage they can do to you. Substance abuse treatment and rehab can then help undo as much of the impact as possible before helping build you up to new heights. ARC is committed to not only helping you achieve sobriety, but to maintain it for the rest of your life. With everything from medical detox to relapse prevention aftercare programs, ARC works with you to create a customized treatment plan to maximize results and promote a sober lifestyle.

Are you ready to take the first steps? If so, reach out to our intake specialists for a free consultation or to ask questions about treatment programs or accepted insurance plans.