Drug Rehab Tucson

Realizing that you have an addiction can be one of the scariest but also most eye-opening moments in your life. While it uncovers the cause behind certain behaviors, it presents a challenge to overcome that may be too difficult to tackle alone. Drug rehab in Tucson at America’s Rehab Campus is designed to be an accessible and effective treatment option for those struggling with drug addiction.

Not every drug rehab in Tucson is created equally though. Many focus solely on achieving short-term sobriety without giving their patients the tools and resources needed to sustain sobriety later on in life. At ARC, our recovery team of medical professionals helps you understand addiction and how it may present itself later on in life. This paired with an extensive aftercare network makes success an easier goal to reach.


Becoming the Best Drug Rehab in Tucson

Providing addiction treatment that’s effective, comfortable and accessible can be a challenge. Thanks to advances in medication-assisted treatment and a team of experienced medical professionals who specialize in addiction recovery, ARC is able to do just that.

Not only does ARC accept most major insurance plans, including Arizona’s AHCCCS plans, but we work with those who may need extra financial assistance to complete treatment. It’s hard enough making the decision to begin treatment, but being concerned about financial troubles on the other end can stop many people in their tracks.

Accessibility Doesn’t Have to Sacrifice Quality

The ARC rehab in Tucson has world-class living quarters and amenities for those going through treatment. Inpatient clients are able to live in luxury apartment-style buildings with 24/7 access to medical professionals for both physical and mental concerns. Withdrawal from drugs can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, making a high-quality living arrangement and treatment center crucial.

A majority of our inpatients stay at ARC for 28 days following a successful detox. The reason ARC puts so much effort into creating an enjoyable space is that many people battling addiction don’t have a healthy and supportive home life. Removing yourself from your regular environment that involved drug use also removes the source of compulsive behaviors brought on by addiction.

The transition from treatment back to daily living is another area of addiction treatment that drug rehab in Tucson often skips. Going from inpatient to outpatient care allows individuals to adjust to living sober while still having regular therapy sessions at ARC. Outpatient care can be as intensive as needed, ranging from 3-5 visits a week to daily sessions that require multiple hours at the center.

Drug Rehab in Tucson Is Here for You

Whether you’re looking to start addiction treatment for yourself or those around you, it’s the best decision you can make. Addiction takes control of your decisions no matter how hard you may try. It’s more than a matter of willpower, something the team at ARC understands all too well.

When you’re ready to start down the road to recovery, please don’t hesitate to reach out. From intake to aftercare, America’s Rehab Campus is committed to your long-term sobriety and success in life.

Drug Rehab Tucson