Alcohol Withdrawal Tucson

From providing the information necessary for alcohol abusers to access recovery help to advocate for the funding of more alcohol treatment programs in Tucson and AZ, America’s Rehab Campus remains at the forefront of the nation’s struggle to help millions of people suffering from alcoholism.

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What is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms typically develop within hours of the last drink. Unless the person experiencing withdrawal starts drinking again, symptoms will steadily worsen. The Clinical Institute for Withdrawal Assessment is a standard guideline used by intake specialists at alcohol withdrawal Tucson treatment centers. Clinicians rely on this tool to determine who requires medical detoxification and medications to prevent serious health problems. Symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal listed on the assessment include:

  • Anxiety/Agitation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Disorientation/inability to think clearly
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Muscle tremors/twitching
  • Severe headache
  • Muscle pain/joint pain

Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are why it is nearly impossible to overcome alcohol abuse without professional intervention.

Tucson Alcohol Withdrawal and Detox Programs


The purpose of medical detoxification for alcohol abusers is to safely allow them to eliminate all traces of alcohol from their system. Alcohol withdrawal in Tucson takes place in hospital-type settings that are staffed with registered nurses, counselors, addiction psychiatrists, and physicians. Patients detox in their own room while receiving 24/7 monitoring from staff to ensure they remain comfortable during the detoxification process.

Medications are given to patients in detox programs to alleviate symptoms and reduce cravings for alcohol. Without medical treatment and medications, withdrawing from alcohol by going “cold turkey” may cause the following, life-threatening conditions:

Delirium tremens: people suffering from the “DTs” are highly agitated, disoriented, paranoid, and often hallucinate. Unless proper treatment is administered to someone with DTs, they could lapse into a coma-like state requiring emergency attention.

Seizures: Seizures frequently affect people who experienced serious health problems during previous alcohol withdrawal episodes.

Heart failureheart arrhythmias may be serious enough to interrupt heart contractions. Chronic or elderly alcoholics are more prone to heart failure due to alcohol-induced deterioration of their major organs.

Get Immediate Help for Alcohol Withdrawal in Tucson

If you or someone you know thinks about drinking and getting drunk throughout the day, lost jobs due to alcohol-related reasons, are less financially stable after developing a drinking problem, or constantly anticipate that next drink, you or your friend need to call ARC today.

We sincerely want to help anyone seeking professional, compassionate programs offering alcohol withdrawal in Tucson. Supervised detoxification prepares you for the long process of recovery by significantly improving your mental and physical health. In fact, detoxing by yourself will leave you even sicker than when you were abusing alcohol.

Be aware that detoxification alone is not a sufficient treatment for alcoholism. Entering a detox program provided by a recovery center is just the first step you need to take towards achieving sobriety.

Call America’s Rehab Campuses today for immediate help with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Withdrawal Tucson