Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tucson, AZ

Alcohol is one of the most abused substances in America. Alcohol addiction, referred to as alcohol use disorder or AUD, is a lifelong disease that requires professional intervention and treatment. The impact it has on the brain and central nervous system is significant and can cause damages that last a lifetime.

Can I Find Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tucson, AZ?

To answer the need for alcohol addiction treatment, alcohol rehab centers in Tucson, AZ have been expanding and taking in more residents than ever before. America’s Rehab Campus is Arizona’s premier treatment and rehab facility for AUD.

Some alcohol rehab centers in Tucson, AZ only cover parts of the overall treatment needed to correctly address alcoholism and AUD. By providing everything from medically-assisted detox to a full aftercare network of mental health professionals, our teams are able to create a seamless experience that understands each patient’s needs on a deeper level.

Every treatment plan is tailored to the individual’s needs and this understanding is what sets ARC apart. An alcohol rehab center in Tucson, AZ that provides the exact same treatment plan to each of their clients is doing them a massive disservice. Both the physical and psychological needs of each individual will be different, meaning custom approaches are always needed.

What Happens in Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tucson, AZ?

In order to begin the process of recovery, one must first rid their body of any and all alcohol. The process is called detoxification and can be painful or even fatal in severe cases. Alcohol addiction creates dependencies in the brain and once alcohol is no longer present, the central nervous system is unable to function.

These dependencies lessen over time, but the withdrawal symptoms associated with them can be too difficult to handle alone. With medically-assisted detox, medicine can be administered to diminish the severity of or eliminate withdrawal symptoms. It’s important to understand that not all alcohol rehab centers in Tucson, AZ offer medical detox at their facility.

Individual and group therapy sessions make up a majority of treatment going forward. Each session can look different depending on the needs of each person. For some, different behavioral therapies may be the focus to help identify underlying causes of alcohol abuse. Others may have more group sessions that build motivation and confidence to make treatment more successful.

How Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tucson, AZ Handle Aftercare

Alcohol use disorder doesn’t have a definitive cure. The struggles of impulses and cravings can last a lifetime so it’s important to understand how your alcohol rehab center in Tucson, AZ equips you for ongoing sobriety.

For ARC, it begins with addiction education and discussion. By helping you understand the emotions and triggers behind your urge to drink, you can better handle the situations that cause them. This could mean taking on less responsibility and not stretching yourself too thin. Other times there may be certain relationships or family dynamics that need new boundaries set.

During the hardest times you’ll be able to lean into healthy coping mechanisms and skills learned during treatment. Being able to successfully guide yourself away from relapse has a compounding effect that builds confidence over time, diminishing your concern.

Additional Help Is Always Available With America’s Rehab Campus

We understand that sometimes life can become too overwhelming too quickly to be addressed. These periods where the unexpected has caused more struggles, you can always find help by reaching out to ARC. No matter the situation, our staff is standing by to answer any questions and start the process of treatment for you or a loved one.

Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tucson AZ