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At America’s Rehab Campuses, we accept diverse payment methods including private insurance and financing. However, many Arizonan citizens are eligible for addiction treatment through AHCCCS, the state program that administers Medicaid benefits. While Medicaid’s coverage was much more limited in the distant past, it now has a wider scope to help the unfortunate find treatment for their addiction. If you’re within the eligible distance of the poverty line to benefit from Medicaid, all that’s left is to find a top rehab in Arizona that takes AHCCCS.

Identifying the Top Rehabs in Arizona That Take AHCCCS

Making the right choice means understanding what separates an excellent rehab from a revolving door facility that simply pushes repeat patients through the program. The science and methodology of addiction treatment have advanced greatly in recent years. As such, an up-to-date facility is better positioned than ever to change lives and help people recover. However, some facilities lag behind and have a primary interest in making money rather than making change. Here’s how you can choose the top rehab in Arizona for AHCCCS benefits.

Modern Treatment Model

The heart of every approach to treating addiction rests upon a model of treatment and of addiction itself. In the past, the prevailing model was essentially that addiction was a matter of moral failure and that recovery lay in a mixture of personal shame and religious uplifting. While religion certainly has a place in the recovery journey of many Americans and always will, a program that emphasizes shame and personal failure is sowing the seeds of relapse.

Today, the moral model of addiction has faded away and we now see competing theories of addiction as a medical condition, addiction as a social problem, and more. With these modern models of addiction, a rehab facility is able to cultivate programs that address the physiological and psychological needs of patients more effectively. Helping people to rebuild themselves and rejecting harmful myths is an invaluable element to creating an enduring recovery. After all, it’s hard to stay clean without genuinely believing that you deserve better.

Evidence-Based Care

Generally, the treatment methods a rehab employs will flow from their underlying philosophy. If a rehab puts out beautiful words about restoration, recovery, and the dignity of the patients, that’s good. However, check that their words match the services and treatment they offer.

Can you count on medical treatment for withdrawals, which corresponds to an easier and safer recovery period? Does the rehab program emphasize building healthy coping skills and self-care? Look out for notions like the idea that someone needs to hit rock bottom before they can recover, which has no basis in evidence and causes a great deal of unnecessary suffering.

Multiple Care Levels

Today, addiction recovery often entails a short detox phase, an intermediate-length rehab, and continued outpatient support. While you can get these services from different places, you can save time and effort by receiving them all in one place. Furthermore, the familiarity of having one partner throughout your entire recovery journey is a source of comfort and reliability.

Quality Facility and Staff

An addiction treatment facility can ultimately only be as good as its staff. Not just the counselors and experts, but the receptionists and assistants. Everyone who works with those who are recovering from addiction should believe in what they’re doing and believe in the patients. This is essential to create a safe, restorative environment for recovery.

Positive Feedback and Proven Results

Finally, check to see what prior patients have said about a rehab. Testimonials offer insight into how a rehab conducts itself, from the behavior of the staff to the quality of care.

ARC is the Top Rehab That Takes AHCCCS

At ARC, we accept AHCCCS benefits for any type of care that it covers. Furthermore, we provide modern, evidence-based care with the help of well-trained, caring personnel. Look no further if you need to use AHCCCS benefits to afford addiction treatment. Reach out today to learn more about your options for rehab and how we can help, or get started by verifying your insurance here.