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Searching for a drug or alcohol addiction rehab can lead you to facilities that may not have their guests’ best interests in mind. It’s common to find clinics that push patients through treatment programs to boost their numbers, but this can lead to increased relapse chances in their patients. To begin proper rehab, individuals have started expanding their search areas, with many opting to come to Phoenix for treatment or transporting from Phoenix to Tucson for treatment.

World-Class Treatment in Idyllic Phoenix, AZ

When you visit Phoenix for rehab, you have access to treatment from our team at the Phoenix Rehab Campus. Here you’ll find staff consisting of clinicians, psychologists, and therapists with experience in helping guests achieve long-term sobriety. We don’t consider your treatment successful until we’ve helped prepare you to overcome future impulses and cravings brought on by addiction.

Part of your treatment in Phoenix is access to a vast network of aftercare providers specializing in relapse prevention. They can be called upon whenever times get tough or stressful, and your mind begins wandering back to substance abuse as a means of coping. We tailor every part of our treatment programs to build you up so you can become the person you’ve always wanted to be, free from addiction.

Comprehensive Rehab Leads to Better Results

While relapse is a common part of addiction recovery, your rehab and treatment should aim to minimize that risk as much as possible. Since addiction doesn’t happen at the flip of a switch, it makes sense that recovery also takes time to set in fully; new, healthier coping mechanisms may take time to become routine which is where relapse prevention care comes into play.

If you live with family members that support you, they can also leverage family therapy during your rehab to learn more about addiction. They can also learn how to be the safety net that promotes your independence without letting you fall back into substance use.

Meet the Family at America’s Rehab Campus

With a compassionate team dedicated to your lifelong success, we see each of our guests as new members of the ARC family. Our alums often come to group therapy sessions to lead discussions or share their stories of triumph over the many roadblocks and challenges of addiction recovery.

If you know that you or someone you care about needs rehab, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the ARC team today to schedule treatment and transportation or verify insurance coverage before rehab.