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Arizona drug rehab programs are among the most effective treatment options for those who suffer from addiction or substance abuse problems. If you’re willing to actively work towards recovery and sobriety, an optimal environment along with professional and medical assistance can set the stage for success. America’s Rehab Campus is designed to meet individuals precisely where they are at and develop customized treatment and preparation programs that cater to specific needs.

At America’s Rehab Campus, our trained and educated staff adapt to the newest discoveries in modern medicine and psychology in order to ensure a safe and effective treatment protocol for all. If you or a loved one suffer from drug addiction or drug abuse problems, you may be interested in learning more about how drugs can cause addictions and how you can receive help. If you are experiencing issues with alcohol, you may be interested in our Arizona Alcohol Rehab.

How Do Drugs Cause Addiction?

Addictions are complicated, each manifesting and affecting individuals in different ways. That said, the essential mechanisms of how drugs become addictive are similar across the board; excessive or prolonged use of substances can cause the brain to change the way it functions.

As the National Institutes of Health Order Publications states, some drugs imitate natural neurotransmitters, allowing them to activate neurons in the brain. Since they are not in fact neurotransmitters, they will send unique messages through your brain. Other types of drugs provoke neurons to release large amounts of natural neurotransmitters or thwart the natural process of neurotransmitters cycling. Again, this provides unusual messages to be sent around the brain.

Different drugs will affect and disrupt various parts of the brain, which may lead to enjoyable or pleasurable feelings or thoughts. However, over time and with repeated exposure, the brain adapts, and sensitivity reduces. Coupled with physical withdrawal symptoms causing discomfort and pain, the individual may seek increased quantities and use the substance more often.

At Arizona Drug Rehab, our trained and qualified staff understand that different types of drugs affect the brain and body in distinct ways. It is important to realize that a large portion of addiction is caused by chemical and physical reactions. Receiving the proper treatment for withdrawal and learning how to cope with challenging situations that stimulate a desire for drug use, can benefit your recovery journey.

How Do Substance Addictions Begin?

An effective drug rehabilitation program must consider the particular individual and their life. Drug addictions are never caused by a single reason, almost always manifesting because of underlying issues or difficult life problems. America’s Rehab Campuses recognize that there is a wide range of potential reasons individuals initially turn to drugs.

Typically, younger people may try drugs out of curiosity or temptation. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 1.6 million young adults with ages between 18 and 25 were using psychotherapeutic drugs for recreational purposes in 2014.

Factors That Impact Drug Addiction

However, prolonged or excessive drug use usually runs deeper than curiosity. As News in Health reports, scientists speculate there are factors that make addiction more likely such as genetics, having one or more parents who also struggled with substances, abuse, stress, untreated psychological disorders, amongst others.

At Arizona Drug Rehab, we never treat drug addictions as a superficial problem, rather we work with our clients to help them understand what causes them to turn to substances, and how to develop skills to deal with those problems or how to receive help for those challenges.

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