Alcohol Detox in Arizona

Alcohol detox in Arizona is more important than ever with binge drinking and alcoholism reaching record highs in the state. While our communities have long struggled with alcohol abuse, recent economic hardship and pandemic stress has exacerbated the problem. More people than ever are falling into addictive drinking habits, relapsing, or otherwise struggling with alcohol. This is a serious individual and social challenge, but alcohol detox provides a first step toward overcoming alcoholism and getting your life back on track.

The Hazards of Alcoholism and Benefits of Quitting

Excessive drinking is one of the leading causes of premature death and deteriorating health in America. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we appreciate the individual and social harms that alcoholism creates. Doing our part to combat both is a core element of our mission, as a sober life is a better life for everyone.

Know the Risks of Alcoholism

The risks that come with problematic alcohol consumption are varied and complex. On the one hand, you expose yourself to dangers such as drunk driving or other mistakes that a person can make while their judgment is compromised. On a longer time scale, alcoholism can cause poor sleep, reduced energy levels, and potentially fatal liver damage while contributing to the risk of heart disease and cancer.

However, all but the most severe cases of alcoholism don’t leave permanent damage. While continuing to abuse alcohol will put you at risk, stopping soon will offer you great and virtually immediate benefits. Within a week or two of detoxing, a person will typically see that their sleep improves in as little as two weeks. Early-stage liver damage will begin to reverse not long after, and three months of abstinence will typically see a person’s health make a full recovery.

How Arizona Alcohol Detox Can Help

Medical alcohol detox is a novel, innovative way to treat alcoholism with greater success than past methods. It carries short-term benefits in helping a person flush their system of alcohol safely and comfortably, but it also reduces the incidence of cravings and fatigue during early recovery. After completing detox, outpatient treatment can help give you an outlet for stress and support to stay clean.

Overcome Withdrawal

Attempting to detox from alcohol alone carries a surprising amount of risk. This is because when a person drinks alcohol too frequently, their body begins compensating for the presence of this depressant by amplifying nervous system activity. Without anything to help ease the body back into normal function, there’s a period where the body essentially goes into overdrive. Seizures are a common occurrence, and death or otherwise serious harm is a possibility.

America’s Rehab Campuses counters this problem with medical detox services. During detox, you receive supervision and care in a safe, alcohol-free environment. Furthermore, we use special medications that help to wean your body off of alcohol and reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. This eliminates many of the risks that come with withdrawals, while also helping you start recovery on the right foot. Experiencing a more gradual, bearable withdrawal phase corresponds to much lower rates of cravings, fatigue, and related post-withdrawal symptoms.

First-Class Alcohol Detox in Arizona

America’s Rehab Campuses is a premier rehab facility offering alcohol detox in Arizona. However, we also offer a full range of treatment options to help you transition back into a healthy, sober lifestyle. You can attend a traditional inpatient rehab program or one of our outpatient programs that provide the help you need while you continue to live in your own home. Either way, turn to our alcohol detox in Arizona as a quick, affordable first step in your recovery journey.


Alcohol Detox Arizona