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Finding treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is easier than ever thanks to an increase in public awareness and research into substance abuse rehab. Overcoming addiction is both the hardest and most rewarding challenge many formerly addicted individuals face in their life. Addicted individuals and their loved ones deserve a chance to live without addiction hanging overhead and rehab is the easiest route towards a sober lifestyle.

Addiction Is More Than a Phase

The idea that drug use or experimentation only impacts those who spend nights at clubs or parties is an outdated one that only makes the perception of addiction worse. The reality is that over 37 million Americans aged 12 and older have used illicit drugs in the last month and the demographic of individuals 40 and older is growing. Addiction is a diagnosable disease and can form in anyone regardless of age, health, drug history or genetics.

Addiction’s presence is due to how it develops over time. When drug or alcohol use goes from infrequent to common usage, the mind and body start changing how they function to accommodate the foreign substance. Ending substance use can then cause the central nervous system to go into overdrive as it no longer knows how to operate in a sober state leading to withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal is often the most unpleasant period for those in recovery due to withdrawal symptoms. From fever and cramps to seizures and organ failure, untreated detox and withdrawal can be potentially fatal. Undergoing detox at a local rehab facility can make the process safe and much more comfortable through the use of FDA-approved medication that clinicians administer when withdrawal symptoms appear.

Substance Abuse Treatment Protects You and Your Loved Ones

If you’re in need of addiction treatment, it’s likely that those around you have also been impacted by it. While the damage addiction can do to one’s personal life is easy to see, understanding how your loved ones have been changed by the experience can be trickier. Completing treatment at a rehab facility gives you a separate space to heal and grow in while family and friends can attend counseling sessions from the same team. With less than 5% of those who need treatment receiving it, it’s important that every treatment plan is as comprehensive and holistic as possible.

Creating individualized treatment that includes options such as family therapy helps you develop a stronger support system back home. Surrounding yourself with positivity and encouragement puts more wind in your sails and confidence in your mind to maintain sobriety. You’ll also learn how to identify and handle triggers that could push you towards substance abuse. Share this information with people you trust to get an extra set of eyes on the situation so you can enjoy yourself more knowing they’re there for you.

The Best Support System Is Rehab

Learning how to undo months or years of addiction’s impact on your brain and body takes time and help from others. From peer support groups to expertly trained clinicians, rehab has everything you need to rise above addiction once and for all. America’s Rehab Campus uses customized treatment plans to guide you along the path to recovery.

We believe everyone deserves another chance at life no matter how many times they’ve struggled with addiction. Addiction is a lifelong disease that never takes the day off, but it doesn’t have to call the shots when you know how to effectively stop impulses in their tracks. If you or a loved one could use help kicking their addiction for good, reach out to the ARC team today for a free consultation to get started on the first chapter of a sober life.