life in recovery

When it comes to recovery from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, any progress should be a cause for celebration. Each day spent sober during recovery is a victory, but not everyone is as keen to talk about their experience. It’s no surprise that such a difficult and challenging time in their life can be hard to discuss, but there are still ways you can show your support and help them celebrate what they’ve accomplished.

Focus on Where They Are, Not Where They’ve Been

For those close to you going through recovery, they spend time each day making conscious efforts and decisions to maintain their sobriety. Keep this in mind when trying to talk to them about their recovery in order to avoid reminding them about the hurdles they’ve had to overcome. Instead, join them in celebrating the fact that they’re currently sober and are working towards their best life.

Even something as small as “I’m proud of you!” can go a long way in acknowledging their progress. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been sober or how many times they’ve had to start over, what matters is that they’re able to there with you to enjoy the moment together.

Help Them Create Even More Moments

The road to recovery isn’t one taken alone. It often requires the help and support of treatment teams, mentors, friends, and family members to achieve and maintain sobriety. See if you can become a part of that support system if you aren’t already, and be someone they can count on during their lifelong mission of sobriety.

Go out for coffee regularly or schedule game nights that don’t include alcohol to keep showing them that you’re just as committed to their sobriety as they are. During these celebrations, make sure to give them praise to show them that their efforts have paid off. Tell them how strong and inspiring they are and how happy you are to see them doing what’s best for them.

Celebrate a New Sober Start at America’s Rehab Campus

As the premier center for drug and alcohol rehab in Arizona, ARC is here to give you and your loved ones the help and support needed to recover and grow from addiction. The first step in any sobriety success story is seeking out professional treatment and medical detox to make the transition to sobriety a safe and comfortable experience.

When the time has come to make the decision to get help, our addiction recovery specialists will be standing by, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to ARC today.