Treating Dilaudid Addiction:

Dilaudid, or hydromorphone, is prescribed for moderate to severe pain. Derived from morphine, it is a narcotic and therefore extremely addictive. Patients who are given Dilaudid can easily become dependent upon it and the risks for anyone using this drug carelessly are extreme. Dilaudid can slow the breathing or even stop it. Dizziness, swelling of the eyes, tongue, throat, etc., are common side effects, and seizures can occur. The Dilaudid recovery program at ARC provides treatment based on neuroscience and evidence-based studies to help you eliminate dependency on this insidiously addictive powerful drug.

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Breaking the Chain

You may feel tied down by the helpless state that is addiction to Dilaudid, but by taking the first step in ARC’s program you will be removing the traces of the drug that are in your system. This is detox. We keep you as comfortable as possible through the process, which re-establishes your body’s baseline health. A range of state-of-the-art therapies follows, with daily one-on-one sessions with your specially assigned counselor.

Features of your program at ARC include:

  • Initial medically supervised detox to achieve baseline health
  • Private room accommodation
  • Personal counselor
  • Individual therapy daily
  • Treatments (as needed): CBT, motivational interviews & mindfulness, family therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step support.
Twp queen size beds in hotel room

Life After Dilaudid

Once Dilaudid’s hold over you is broken, you will be able to rediscover the sense of well-being delivered by living a healthy, addiction-free life. The process may sound easy, but of course it can be a bumpy road – especially at first. It’s critical to keep in mind that recovery from Dilaudid addiction is entirely possible. Call us at ARC today to see how we can help you defeat your dependency on this dangerous narcotic and get your life back onto a happier track!