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Typically when discussion surrounding addiction and delirium comes up, it’s referring to the withdrawal symptoms brought on in those who heavily abused their substance of choice prior to seeking help. Often times it’s shown in media as a result of severe alcohol withdrawals but delirium can be brought on by any psychoactive substance, including amphetamines.

Delirium can resemble the altered state of mind one enters after ingesting drugs or alcohol but at a heightened rate and without relief from stopping use. The symptoms typically begin to appear 1-10 days after last drug use, with it being sooner for amphetamine users as the substance exits the body more quickly.

How Delirium Impacts the Mind and Body

Prolonged drug abuse will alter how our body produces chemicals and nervous system triggers, leaving it vulnerable when that drug use suddenly stops. The harder the drug and the heavier the use will dictate how severe delirium can get and how long the symptoms last.

The Mind Stops Functioning Efficiently

During the delirium experience, users will start noticing that their cognitive power has weakened quite a bit. Focusing and deep thought becomes a challenge even for the most alert individuals. Confusion takes place of coherent thought and irrational ideas and conclusions start to cloud the judgement and ability to have a conversation with the person undergoing detox.

Delirium can also inhibit recall, making memories more distant or completely unreachable during withdrawal. Not only is recall impacted, but short term memory and the ability to answer questions is severely reduced.

What Causes Delirium and How Long Does It Last?

While delirium can be found impacting those who have suffered from strokes or seizures in the past, the most common cause for the condition is substance intoxication withdrawals. Even gradual decreases in drug use can cause delirium in those who have heavily abused amphetamines over many years.

The form of delirium felt from drug use will only last as long as the drug itself, typically disappearing once it’s out of your system. Withdrawal delirium, however, happens once drug use has stopped and can last over a week in some cases. Seeking professional drug addiction treatment is the only way to guarantee a safe environment capable of handling even the most sever withdrawal delirium.

How Drug Treatment Can Help Beat Delirium

When it comes to drug addiction and withdrawal, it’s never a good idea to try to detox alone. Teams such as ours here at America’s Rehab Campuses have trained their entire lives to learn the right treatment methods and compassionate care techniques that make for a successful detox.

Withdrawal delirium symptoms can be severe, ending in cases of seizure, heart attack or stroke if not handled correctly. Risking the life of yourself or someone you care about goes against the fight for an independent life free from drug use. Reach out to our team today online or over the phone for a confidential meeting to discuss your concerns and our solutions that can deal with each one.