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What to expect

Your journey through the ARC will be a transformative experience. You will be supported emotionally, physically and spiritually in a wholesome and serene environment. We have a host of premium amenities to make our clients feel as comfortable, even pampered, as possible. However, it is still a daunting experience and we’d like you to know what to expect:


Admission begins with a face to face nursing evaluation.  Upon acceptance to the program you will be escorted to a comfortable environment, where the process will begin. You will not be judged during this evaluation, it is a necessary component to ensuring an individualized recovery plan to meet your specific needs, in your unique context.


Prolonged use of substances such as opiates, benzos, and alcohol have been proven to form patterns of addiction in the human body.  In order to remove these addictive behaviors your body and mind need to rebuilt and heal.  During detoxification numerous toxic substances are being removed from your body which causes many people to feel anxious, irritable, and sick. Detoxification and craving are two separate things.  Detox time frame can also vary for person to person, while cravings can go on for extended periods of time.  It’s important to remember that the experience is individualized and different for everyone which is why every person is treated individually and your treatment will be based solely on your symptoms.


During detoxification it is highly likely that you may begin to feel sick, but our caring team does everything they can to alleviate the worst of your symptoms with medication assisted treatment (MAT) as needed. ARC is certified to administer suboxone and other MATs to ensure that the withdrawal process is as painless as possible.

Addiction Treatment

The experienced team at ARC is trained to treat your symptoms and understands the courage it took for you to seek a life changing experience.  We are here to ensure that you get the help you need to accomplish your goals. There will be a host of services and activities to get your life back on track: therapy, meditation, yoga, nutrition services, artistic and creative outlets and no matter the symptoms you may be suffering from your recover – our staff and your peers will be there to help you through it.


The end of the rehabilitation part of drug addiction treatment does not mean that the process is already done. There’s a third phase referred to as aftercare, which makes sure the patient will continue to make strides toward full recovery from drug addiction long after he or she leaves the treatment facility.

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