Everyone who walks onto our Campus at ARC is family. No one holds your past against you, we accept you just as you are the moment you arrive with open arms and open hearts. A Lot of people come to us without any sense of support system. Some enter ARC feeling as though they don’t have anyone at all in their lives that they can depend on. Our main goal is to make sure each patient who comes into our establishment knows and feels that they are not alone, that they have found a family unit among their peers and the staff.

Tomas’ Story

Tomas came to ARC alone and battling addiction. He revealed during his treatment that he did not really have a family of his own. Feeling isolated can be such a detriment when someone is battling addiction and mental illness. We strive to make Tomas feel a part of our ARC family through supportive, holistic therapies and genuine relationships that are created through healing. Arc helped Tomas find new outlets in life through different avenues explored with our caring staff. He also said that being in our Campus surrounded by clean air helped him clear his mind and his body of toxins and was truly able to release and work out a lot of his trauma and truly begin to heal himself.

Hard Work Pays Off

Nothing comes easy, and  recovery is no exception. Eduardo is putting in the amount of work needed to overcome his past and keep working hard towards his healthy future. We know treatment is not easy. It is a hard, painful journey. We want to help people like Eduardo and anyone else who needs help to feel at home at ARC, and to feel supported to do the work that  really needs to be done in order to get out from underneath the problems they are facing. We take the fear out of treatment and allow our patients to experience the joy  in the leaps and bounds they make when the work is truly being applied.

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