TUCSON, Arizona – September 21, 2018 – America’s Rehab Campuses, a drug rehabilitation facility with campuses nationwide, has announced that it has earned accreditation from the Joint Commission. As noted by the Joint Commission, this honor is recognized as a credential of excellence across the healthcare and rehabilitation industries.

To receive such an accreditation, America’s Rehab Campuses elected to participate in a series of surveys, on-site visits, and tests designed to evaluate and confirm the quality and safety of their drug and alcohol detox services. The review process can take anywhere from nine to 12 months to complete, depending on the facility’s individual accreditation goals. In comparison to a certification, the Joint Commission Accreditation is earned by an entire healthcare organization rather than a single provider or service within a practice.

This accreditation positions America’s Rehab Campuses among the most respected rehabilitation facilities in the country. Such a distinction allows ARC to attract patients looking for unparalleled rehabilitation and detox care. More than 17,000 healthcare organizations nationwide currently boast Joint Commission Accreditation.

Patients searching for rehabilitation programs will find comfort and peace of mind knowing that America’s Rehab Campuses possesses accreditation from the Joint Commission. Such a distinction proves an organization’s commitment to patient well-being along with a high standard of rehabilitation practices.

America’s Rehab Campuses offers drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation programs across the United States with locations in Arizona and California, with more destinations on the horizon. The facility provides patients with a full continuum of recovery options all in one location. America’s Rehab Campuses’ personalized approach to rehabilitation, combined with the newly earned accreditation, provides patients with world-class care and the treatments they need to make a full and continuous recovery. The organization also provides holistic treatment options for those interested in an alternative rehabilitation route.

If you or a loved one is interested in learning more about drug and alcohol rehabilitation, contact America’s Rehab Campuses today. For more information on the signs of drug and alcohol abuse along with various treatment options and related topics, please visit the ARC blog.

About America’s Rehab Campuses

America’s Rehab Campuses is setting the standard for quality and personalized rehabilitation programs across the United States. With alcohol and drug detox facilities in Arizona and California, the organization is committed to helping individuals achieve a true and lasting recovery. Rehabilitation services include comprehensive treatment, a personalized approach, holistic options, nutritional services, and more. To learn more about America’s Rehab Campuses and their drug and alcohol programs, please visit their website or call 833-272-7342.