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Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles to receiving treatment for addiction care is financial hardship. Addiction itself can have devastating financial consequences, and many of those who struggle with substance abuse are already financially insecure. While these obstacles to recovery remain, progress has been made. Insurance companies need to include some behavioral health benefits in their plans, rehab facilities offer personalized financing, and Arizonans in poverty can reach out to AHCCCS.

What is AHCCCS?

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System is the state Medicaid agency. While its broader agenda is set by the larger Medicaid system, it’s responsible for providing benefits within Arizona. Thanks to the government of Arizona expanding Medicaid in line with the Affordable Care Act, more Arizonans are eligible for care than ever. Furthermore, Medicaid adheres to national regulations that require it to provide certain behavioral and mental health benefits.

Am I Eligible for AHCCCS?

The expansion of Medicaid in 2014 creates clear requirements for AHCCCS eligibility. There are two income brackets that determine whether or not the system covers you, depending on whether you’re a single adult or part of a family. Families can benefit from the AHCCCS program if their income is only 133% of the national poverty line. Single adults on the other hand can only turn to this program if their income is at or below the poverty line.

To find out if this applies to you, check out the 2022 poverty line guidelines or the current version if you’re reading this in a future year. If you’re part of a family, multiply the figure that corresponds to the size of your family by 1.33. If that figure is greater than or equal to your family income, then you’re eligible for AHCCCS. For instance, a family of eight with an income of $46,630 is at the poverty line. They can qualify for AHCCCS with an income of up to $62,018.

Does AHCCCS Cover Rehab?

Thankfully, those who are eligible for Medicaid in Arizona can use their benefits to pay for various rehab programs. Now, there are limitations and AHCCCS won’t necessarily cover all potential services such as sober living or intensive outpatient care. However, you should generally be able to use your benefits to pay for the most central addiction treatment services such as:

  • Medical detox
  • Inpatient residential rehab
  • Outpatient counseling

How Can I Use AHCCCS for Addiction Recovery?

If you want to use AHCCCS for rehab, you can take the following steps.

1. Sign Up for an AHCCCS Plan If You Haven’t Already

AHCCCS administers a variety of Medicaid plans that each has its own benefits. Get in touch with a local representative to learn more about the plans available and to choose which one is right for you.

2. Find a Rehab That Accepts AHCCCS

Not all rehab facilities accept AHCCCS, so you’ll need to verify that this is a viable option. Check the website for the rehabs that interest you to see what their policy is, or reach out via phone or email. For instance, consider America’s Rehab Campuses for AHCCCS medical detox and residential care.

3. Enter Medical Detox

Medical detox mitigates the severity of withdrawals and prevents any of the complications that can occur in unmanaged withdrawals. It makes you safer, more comfortable, and helps your body and mind get a better start to recovery.

4. Stay at Residential Inpatient Care Facility

After completing detox, you can use AHCCCS for residential rehab. This program may last a month or more, and in this time you’ll be in a drug-free environment and rebuild a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits of inpatient care are that you’re in a drug-free, limited-stress environment full of like-minded people who are seeking to be better.

5. Pursue Suitable Outpatient Care

AHCCCS coverage for outpatient care may or may not be available, but it’s also a more affordable option. Ask about options for continued support, whether AHCCCS covers it or if there’s an affordable financing plan available.

The ARC Accepts AHCCCS Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we believe we’re the best rehab for AHCCCS beneficiaries to seek drug abuse treatment. Get in touch today to build a personalized treatment plan that suits your needs, resources, and priorities.