Drug Rehab That Accepts Tricare

Since opening our doors in 2017, America’s Rehab Campus has worked to create an accessible source of addiction treatment for our the communities that need it most. ARC’s reach goes beyond our Arizona borders as residents of neighboring states have started seeking treatment here in Tucson.

To help accommodate those in need of treatment, ARC accepts many common insurance plans from both private and public marketplaces. ARC is also proud to be a premier drug rehab that accepts TRICARE to make rehab a possibility for as many people as possible. By focusing on long-term success over short-term sobriety, ARC can help you overcome addiction even if you suffer from other mental health diagnoses such as anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Treatment Available at Drug Rehabs That Accepts TRICARE

Understanding the types of treatment available to you under your specific TRICARE plan is important. For full verification, we suggest completing our online insurance verification or reaching out to our team online or over the phone. That being said, there are general treatment options covered by most TRICARE plans you can expect.

Medical Detox

Often the most difficult part of recovery, detoxing from drugs can lead to painful and potentially lethal side effects known as withdrawal symptoms. By having supervision from medical professionals, medical detox:

  • alleviates pain and discomfort brought on by withdrawal symptoms
  • allows the body to remove all foreign substances such as drugs and alcohol
  • starts the brain’s process of healing and learning to function without drugs
  • prevents relapse by making the process as safe and comfortable as possible
  • protects individuals from life-threatening side effects found in severe cases of addiction

The 24/7 support offered during medical detox is one of the largest contributors to success for ARC alumni, especially if detoxing has been attempted alone and failed. There’s no reason to let withdrawals hold you back from breaking free from addiction.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Thanks to FDA-approved medication, a drug rehab that accepts TRICARE can offer covered medication-assisted treatment, or MAT. While certain medications can help alleviate common withdrawal symptoms, there are specific ones set aside for extreme cases where the safety of the individual is at risk.

MAT tends to be more intense than regular medical detox with heavier involvement from psychiatric and mental health professionals. By addressing both physical and mental side effects, MAT can help prevent permanent damage brought on from severe, long-term drug abuse. Medication along with targeted cognitive behavioral and psychotherapy makes MAT so effective.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

When addiction presents itself alongside another mental health disorder, it’s known as a dual-diagnosis and requires a different approach than standard addiction treatment. Any drug rehab that accepts TRICARE understands how those who experience PTSD are much more susceptible to developing an addiction.

When you’re able to receive treatment that helps you understand and address both addiction and underlying mental health concerns, your chances at long-term sobriety skyrocket. It takes the experience and compassion of a truly committed recovery team to give you the tools needed to tackle addiction’s lifelong presence.

It’s time to leave addiction behind and start living the rest of your life on your own terms. Reach out to America’s Rehab Campus today for a free and fully confidential consultation. Our staff can answer any questions, address any concerns and even begin the intake process with you the same day.