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For Veterans facing addiction, finding treatment that is affordable and accessible is a priority. Some estimates are that 1 in 15 Veterans struggle with substance use disorder. If that’s what you’re battling, you’re not alone.

It’s not uncommon for Veterans to struggle with addiction and mental health disorders, but many don’t know how to get help. A common question is, “does TRICARE Prime cover inpatient rehab?”

What’s the Answer – Does TRICARE Prime Cover Inpatient Rehab?

TRICARE covers drug and alcohol treatment including in a residential treatment center. If you have TRICARE, you may have insurance coverage that will cover some or all of your care. This depends on the type of policy you have.

TRICARE Prime is mandatory coverage for active-duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces. It helps to cover the care of active duty and retired members of the military. It also may provide coverage to members of your family.

This type of insurance policy typically covers:

  • All forms of substance abuse treatment
  • Inpatient drug treatment programs
  • Outpatient drug treatment programs
  • Detox treatment programs

That means that if you have this type of insurance coverage and need this type of drug and alcohol rehab services, TRICARE may be there to cover the costs.

How to Verify Your TRICARE Prime Coverage

If you are unsure if your policy covers the needs you have, start by calling our team at America’s Rehab Campuses. We can gather some basic information from you and then check your policy details. This does not allow us to charge you for care, but it does allow us to know exactly what you can expect to pay if we treat you.

You can also contact your plan provider directly to inquire about the availability of treatment coverage. Keep in mind your privacy matters. You do not have to tell anyone about the type of care you are seeking.

How Do You Get TRICARE Prime Coverage to Pay for Your Needs?

One of the first steps to take is to reach out to a treatment center like America’s Rehab Campuses. Our team can help you to determine what type of care you need. This often starts with an evaluation to determine what is happening and what type of therapy may be best for your needs. Each person’s needs are different, but there’s no doubt you will get a straightforward answer to the type and level of care that’s right for your needs.

After an evaluation, our team can provide you with a diagnosis. This may include information about the level of treatment that may be best suited for your needs. For example, if you have used drugs or alcohol for a long time, have overdosed, or have relapsed before, we may recommend the use of a detox program as the first step.

Others may not need a formal detox program. In these situations, we may recommend the use of inpatient treatment for addiction if your condition is moderate to severe. Some people may not need this type of aggressive care. We’ll help you determine the proper level of care for your needs in all cases.

What About Mental Health Disorder Treatment?

It is not uncommon for Veterans to suffer from mental health disorders alongside addiction. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and others may be present, and they may be putting you at risk for more complications. Our team can help you with this type of care, and it is covered under your TRICARE Prime plan. If you are struggling with symptoms of these conditions, let us know so we can help you start on a fresh path forward.

Why Choose America’s Rehab Campuses for Help?

If you are battling an addiction to drugs or alcohol, let America’s Rehab Campuses provide you with the help and guidance you need. Our team offers compassionate professionals that have ample experience working with Veterans. Vets often need a different type and level of care than others. We can be there to provide that to you today.

Find out more about our drug addiction treatment program today to find out how we can help you on the path to recovery.