Taking the first steps towards starting addiction treatment is often the start of a new chapter for those struggling with substance abuse. When it comes to planning your recovery, there’s no replacement for comprehensive and individualized care.

Part of planning your entry into rehab is understanding the financial aspects of treatment and your options to help cover the cost. America’s Rehab Campus understands how important it is that addiction treatment remain accessible, which is why we keep our costs affordable through a wide network of accepted insurance providers, including United Health Care.

Does United Health Care Cover Rehab?

Whether it’s purchased through a partnership with your state’s insurance marketplace or offered by your employer, every health insurance plan is required by the Affordable Care Act to offer coverage for mental health treatment. Addiction is a chronic mental illness, known officially as substance use disorder or SUD.

What this means for you is that visits to an in-network facility, such as ARC, are covered similarly to visits to other facilities for physical conditions. It’s through these federal changes that so many more people are finally able to seek out the treatment they need to overcome addiction.

Will Detox Be Included in My Coverage?

It’s important to consider that leading up to treatment, you’ll need to go through medically-assisted detox to safely achieve initial sobriety. The detox process is done to help you manage withdrawal symptoms that occur as drugs and alcohol are completely removed from the body. Your mind and body are both working to learn how to function in a sober state again.

The severity if your withdrawal symptoms will vary based on the type of substance being abused, how long the abuse has gone on, and the amount used. Other factors that impact symptom strength include:

  • Family medical history
  • Additional substances abused at the same time
  • Underlying physical and mental health conditions
  • Personal fitness and health

Depending on your level of coverage through United Health Care, medical detox at ARC may be fully covered as part of your treatment program. If there’s any remaining amount for your treatment after insurance is applied, we’ll work with you to help make sure you can get the treatment you need without putting you in financial stress on the other side.

How Do I Start Rehab?

An easy first step towards launching your recovery is to verify your insurance online and get a better understanding of your coverage. If you have any questions along the way, or want to learn more about treatment at ARC, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today!