alcohol and drug withdrawal

Addiction is an extremely difficult disease to manage and overcome on your own. What makes addiction even harder to address is that it can manifest in anyone regardless of their circumstances. That being said, there are certain risk factors associated with addiction that can be used to provide early intervention and stop addiction before it can form.

The Factors That Influence Odds of Addiction

It’s true, anyone can experience addiction even if they’re viewed as successful in life. Even the most well-meaning and considerate individual can suffer from addiction at one point. But what are the factors that play a role in how likely someone is to develop an addiction?

Genetic Makeup

Contrary to what some believe, addiction isn’t something that can be stopped through sheer willpower. The changes that drugs make that lead to addiction are at a chemical level within the brain and since everyone’s development is different, the chances at forming an addiction also differ.

One example consists of two individuals with similar diets, exercise routines and physical health but only one of them is able to drink on the weekends without thinking about alcohol again throughout the week. The other struggles with limiting their consumption to the weekend and will begin seeking out alcohol in between social gatherings.

The genetics each of these individuals received plays a significant part in whether or not they’re able to consume substances in moderation. If genes that dictate critical thinking and decision making aren’t as present, choosing to abuse drugs or alcohol can seem like a much less dangerous option.

Home Environment

The other side of development comes from the environment in which we are raised and currently live in. If there’s a lack of parental supervision during formative years, it’s more likely that children will end up exploring the world of drugs and alcohol at a young age. Unfortunately, this also leads to the development of addiction as the brain is extremely vulnerable to the effects of external substances.

Living with or around others that practice substance abuse is another environmental risk factor that many of us overlook. When we see a loved one regularly drinking or smoking, we begin to associate the action with being part of the type of people we look up to. This can also occur at school if a student’s peer group uses drugs or drinks alcohol due to the pressure to fit in and find common ground with each other.

Presence of Mental Health Conditions

When addiction is present with another diagnosable mental health disorder, it’s known as a dual diagnosis and requires additional support during addiction treatment. Conditions such as PTSD, ADHD, depression and anxiety are all commonly found in those also facing addiction. More often than not, substance abuse starts in these individuals as a means of self-medicating for their symptoms rather than seeking out professional help.

On top of forming addictions more easily, those with mental health conditions often make their conditions worse. Attempting to cover up symptoms with drugs or alcohol is only a temporary bandage with lifelong consequences. Addiction forms and the symptoms being covered up come back even stronger once the substance being used is no longer available.

Type of Substance Being Abused

Addiction has traditionally been known as a slowly developing condition, but with more intense drugs being abused, the progress can be sped up immensely. While alcohol addiction can take months or even years to form, drugs that have a stronger physical impact on the user can create addictions from the first use.

Those that abuse drugs such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines and fentanyl experience painful withdrawal symptoms whenever they stop using drugs. In order to avoid these symptoms, the individual will continue to abuse the drug in question in an endless cycle of keeping withdrawal symptoms away while making the addiction to the drug even worse.

It’s Always the Right Time for Help

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