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Part of our mission at America’s Rehab Campus is to help our local community overcome the stigma of addiction treatment by changing what it means to be in rehab. We do this because we understand that choosing to start treatment is often harder than completing the program itself. Depending on how long you’ve battled addiction, it may seem like there’s no other way to live. The truth is that addiction is only a small part of you, despite how much it tries to take over.

Addiction treatment loosens the grasp drugs or alcohol have on your mind and body, giving you the opportunity to truly recover and achieve long-term sobriety. Once you’ve made the call and want to start treatment, it’s time to reach out to your rehab facility of choice and begin the process.

The First Step Is Sobriety

If you’ve attempted to sober up on your own but feel awful every time you try, you’re likely running into withdrawal symptoms that come during detox. This wall of painful and uncomfortable side effects makes solo attempts at recovery extremely difficult and potentially dangerous. To help you get through the start, ARC leverages medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, as part of our medical detox program.

Using FDA-approved medication, a team of trained clinicians and recovery experts can manage and alleviate withdrawal symptoms while your brain and body learn how to function in a sober state once again. The transition to sobriety can be a shock at first, but it’s all working towards putting you back in control of your life.

Taking Charge and Making Changes

It’s true that addiction takes multiple sources of support and help to address, but you’re the one with the power to make the decision and enter recovery. The reason you’ve likely heard that admitting there’s a problem is the hardest part is because it’s the only part that you have to do on your own. Once you enter treatment at ARC, you’ll have a dedicated team of medical professionals to tend to both your physical and mental health.

Jumping into recovery gives you time to consider why you started abusing drugs or alcohol to begin with. It could be an underlying mental illness, high levels of stress at home and work, or past trauma as any of these factors can lead to using addiction as a coping mechanism. Spending time with therapists, counselors and psychologists during your time at ARC allows you to dig into these root causes with the help of a professional to keep you safe and comfortable as they guide you through your journey.

It All Starts by Reaching Out

Rehab at ARC is a world-class experience, setting the bar for what it means to offer rehab for drugs and alcohol in Arizona. Our team has worked with families across the state and country to help their loved ones become who they truly are, free of addiction’s influence. When the time comes, please don’t hesitate to reach out and start your recovery with the ARC team right beside you.