labor day

Labor Day weekend is almost here which means family and friends gathered together to celebrate with an extra day off work and beautiful weather. The festivities are meant as a chance to escape from the regular stress of daily life and work, but it’s not so simple for those in recovery. Being around others who are drinking or using recreational drugs poses a challenge, even to those who have successfully stayed sober for a number of years.

The important part is to understand that there are still ways to have the perfect Labor Day celebration without the concern of relapse. It all starts with a little planning and getting loved ones on board with your goal of continued sobriety.

You May Be Surprised by Who Helps

Given how prevalent addiction is, the number of people impacted by the disease has increased over the years. Close friends or your favorite relatives may have struggled with addiction themselves or known someone who has. It becomes less surprising when you think about how over 50 million Americans have reported illegal drug use with a separate 15 million struggling with alcohol use disorder or AUD. Even if they aren’t familiar with addiction, many people have helped loved ones quit smoking or drinking simply because they care.

Where you are in your recovery can impact how comfortable you are sharing your story with others. Make sure you confide in those who care about you and see if they’re willing to help support you during the celebrations. As you start getting loved ones on your team, it becomes easier to relax and enjoy yourself without drugs or alcohol.

Always Have a Safety Net

Everyone’s family dynamic is different which is why part of recovery is assessing your relationships and setting healthy boundaries. You should surround yourself with others who want to help you reach your goals with recovery being one of the most important goals one can have. Once you have one or more friends or family members on board, keep them updated on how you’re doing as the day or weekend progresses. This gives you extra supervision for triggers or a safe space to take a moment and talk through what you’re feeling.

Another form of safety net is an internal one that catches you should a lapse of judgement occur. Relapse is a normal part of recovery and it doesn’t mean that you’ve “fallen off the wagon” by any means. Instead of letting it send you into a spiral of further substance abuse, think about what drove you to the decision and how you can avoid it going further. Relapse is difficult to push through but serves as another opportunity to learn more about yourself and how addiction specifically impacts you.

Find Treatment That Fits Your Unique Needs

Labor Day and other holidays are only a small portion of the reasons we choose to celebrate with those we love. Being able to stay present and sober during these occasions requires seeking treatment that can be individualized to give you the best chance at a sober life. Addiction treatment doesn’t address substance abuse alone. It taps into the root cause of addictive behaviors to help improve your life at every turn.

America’s Rehab Campus is here to help you and your family get through these difficult times and back to enjoying summer barbecues and pool parties without substances. Everyone deserves another chance no matter how severe their problems may seem. Find yours at America’s Rehab Campus by contacting our compassionate recovery specialists today.