Drug and Alcohol Detox

The National Institute On Drug Abuse states that addiction treatment should assist you in doing the following. First, it should help you stop using drugs. Second, it should help you stay drug-free. Finally, it should help you become a productive member of society, at work and in family life. Alcohol and drug detox accomplishes the first of these three goals. At America’s Rehab Campuses, we provide residential, medically managed inpatient detox to boost the success rate of our clients. However, that is not the only type of detox available.

Types of Alcohol and Drug Detox To Choose From

Although there are many ways to classify detoxification, here are the major categories:

  • Medically managed inpatient detox: this intensive detox alternative occurs in a hospital or psychiatric clinic and includes 24-hour treatment and monitoring.
  • Medically monitored inpatient detox: Although this option also involves 24-hour medical care, it does not occur in a hospital, or other acute settings as medically managed inpatient detoxes do. Instead, you can receive supervision and guidance at a qualified care facility.
  • Clinically managed residential detox: This care setting offers emotional and psychological support without continuous medical care. It is also called natural or social detox.
  • Outpatient detox with onsite monitoring: In this case, you spend several hours in treatment and return home at the end of each day. while you’re onsite, program administrators monitor your progress.
  • Outpatient detox: For this option, you manage your own detox, but report to the facility or physician’s office for any required assistance.

Usually, outpatient detox requires great personal determination. It might not be suitable for those with prolonged addiction to alcohol or drugs. However, in cases where there are few withdrawal symptoms and a high probability of success, it can work well.

America’s Rehab Campuses offers inpatient medical detox to help you heal and recover.

How Does Medical Detox Work?

Thousands of Arizonans die every year from opioid and other drug overdoses. In a medical detox program, you can safely withdraw from alcohol and drugs. Our programs provide monitoring and supervision, including medical professionals who can relieve your symptoms and safeguard your health. During detox, we make you as comfortable as possible.

Our staff understands how challenging the journey to recovery can be. Therefore, we provide nutritious food, counseling, and medical assistance to help you maintain your sobriety throughout your recovery process.

What Medications Are Involved in Medical Detox?

Many people ask what types of medication we use to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Here are a few of the drugs proven to help reduce cravings and avoid relapse:

  • Methadone: If you are addicted to opioids, you might receive methadone to make the road to recovery more comfortable.
  • Buprenorphine (Suboxone): This medication reduces cravings and the euphoria associated with opioid abuse.
  • Naltrexone: Effective with both alcohol and opioid abuse, Naltrexone works by blocking the effects of these drugs.
  • Cocaine, marijuana and other drugs also have specific withdrawal symptoms and require unique medications.

Medical Detox In Arizona

Detox starts with an evaluation, and you will receive your own treatment plan. Once you complete your detox program, our staff will help you transition into appropriate recovery and aftercare programs.

Our drug-specific detox programs include treatment for opioids, fentanyl, Xanax, Hydrocodone, and alcohol, among other options.

Contact America’s Rehab Campuses today to begin your journey back to a healthy lifestyle free of alcohol and drugs.