Addiction Treatment for Friends or a Loved One

If a person in your life is a heavy drinker, you may face a complex relationship with them. You want to help them, but at the same time, you know they are not going to listen to you. Yet, you may notice they are getting worse, perhaps becoming ill from their addiction. What can you do? How can you talk to a heavy drinker and get through to them?

America’s Rehab Campuses provides a wide range of tools to support you and your loved one through this process. Your goal should be, when possible, to get your loved one into an alcohol treatment program that’s designed to provide support for severe addiction. We can do that for you when you reach out to us.

Tips to Help You Communicate

No matter what happens, put yourself first. Don’t live in an abusive relationship. If you are safe, consider a few strategies that may help you better communicate with a heavy drinker.

#1: Test the Waters with a Conversation

When possible, talk about a loved one’s need to get alcohol addiction treatment without yelling or arguing about it. Instead, talk about it in an open manner, trying to keep the conversation as level as possible. Ask them what they think would happen if they stopped drinking. Then, talk about whether they want to stop drinking. Sometimes, they do and cannot do well on their own. Other times, they don’t want to think about it.

#2: Don’t Give Mixed Messages

If you are no longer willing to live with or support a person with a heavy drinking problem, make that clear. Make a promise no longer to provide for their financial needs or emotional support until they get help. You may want to tell them they are no longer allowed around you when they have been drinking. Be sure to make statements like this only if you are willing to back them up no matter what.

#3: Discuss the Facts

Instead of saying, “you drink so much it is ruining our life,” say, “in the last month, you’ve used our money for bills and the mortgage to buy alcohol three times.” Be clear about what they have done that’s impacted you and your life. It is hard to refute facts like this, which may help them see the toll the addiction has on your life.

#4: Plan to Get Them Help

Before you can ask them to get into treatment for alcohol addiction, have a plan in place that makes that possible. First, reach out to America’s Rehab Campus to learn about availability for your loved one. Then, discuss insurance coverage and the process of getting your loved one help with us. Taking these steps now can help you be ready to support your loved one’s needs. That includes helping them to get into a medical detox first.

#5: Ask for Help

Most likely, you are not the only person in your loved one’s life that is seeing what’s happening to them. Reach out to those who are close to your loved one and ask for help in encouraging treatment. They may have to make some bold statements about no longer supporting your loved one, and in some cases, they may need to be willing to back off from friendships.

#6: Talk to Your Loved One and Provide Options

In an intervention style approach, request that your loved one listens to what you have to say about their heavy drinking. Discuss the facts of what is occurring. You may no longer be willing to help them or live with them until they get help. However, if they do, you’ll be there to support them. Tell them you’ve already found a treatment center that’s available. Be ready to act quickly. Don’t place blame on them or make accusations not based on fact. Rather, ask them to get help.

Finding the Right Help Matters

America’s Rehab Campuses are ready to support your loved one on the path to healing. Reach out to us today to learn the steps we can take today to help you find your way forward in addiction recovery.