Hydrocodone Pills and Prescription Bottles Under Spot Light.

Opioids are powerful drugs necessary for the treatment of severe and acute injuries and illnesses when pain is significant. However, misuse of them is a big risk. That is why most doctors will offer these drugs when they are the only option and, in some situations, may look for alternatives whenever possible. It is also important for those who have a prescription for these drugs to understand their use and ensure they are not moving towards addiction. How do you know that, though?

At America’s Rehab Campuses, we offer drug addiction treatment that can help you overcome your addiction to opioids. Our treatment programs can also help you reduce the risk of opioid addiction onset.

Signs You May Have an Addiction to Opioids

It is always best to work closely with your doctor to minimize the amount of opioids you use. In most situations, if you follow the prescription provided by your doctor, addiction is not likely to occur. It is still worth it to know what to look for if you are using opioids for a long period of time. Some of the most common signs of opioid addiction include the following:

  • Using more of the drug than your prescription states, often running out too soon
  • Needing to use another person’s drugs because you do not have enough
  • Doctor shopping, or the process of going from one doctor to the next to get more than one prescription
  • Feeling intense cravings and withdrawal symptoms when you do not use them or before your next dose is recommended
  • No longer getting the same results from the drug when you do use them, often needing to use more to get the same results

If you find yourself in need of opioids more frequently than you used to, now is the time to take action to find a treatment plan. This may include talking to your doctor about alternative pain treatments. Or, for those who believe addiction and dependence have occurred, it may be necessary to see drug addiction treatment.

Could Medical Detox Help You?

For those with serious addiction and withdrawal symptoms, medical detox can be a valuable tool. It allows an individual to be in a safe place while their body re-learns how to function without opioids. That does not mean you have to struggle through pain, though. Medications and holistic treatments are used as a component of your medical detox to help support the process and minimize any discomfort you have.

In medical detox, you have help for any type of emergency that occurs, should something happen. In addition to this, you have a team of professionals working with you to better understand why you struggle with pain and to help you to find alternative treatments for it.

During detox, your body will go through significant changes, but you will also start to feel more like yourself. You may be better able to make decisions for yourself. At the same time, you’ll have help for any type of medical needs you have, including nutrition support. Detox does not last long, but through that period, you will have ample support as you work towards recovery.

Unsure if You Need Help?

If you are unsure if treatment for addiction could help you, one of the best decisions you can make is to simply reach out to our team for an assessment. Even if you do not have a severe addiction, you may still need help breaking the demand for drugs so that it does not worsen. We can help you with that throughout outpatient treatment programs.

Opioids can be life threatening. They can also create problems in every facet of your life. That includes your relationships, work, and school. If you take time now to get help through an assessment from America’s Rehab Campuses, you’ll get the support you need to recover and stop having to wonder about your next dose.

To learn more about our opioid treatment programs, contact our team today. There is no risk in contacting us. We’re happy to work with you no matter what you’re facing. Contact us today to set up an assessment with our team.