Packing for rehab

The first step towards recovery from any addiction is accepting the fact that your condition is best handled by a team of professionals. Starting rehab gives you the support and medical attention needed to break away from dependencies and discover what drives your addictive behavior. It’s common to be nervous about going to rehab, even if you know it’s the right thing to do. You’re entering a new chapter in your life that starts in a different location with new people.

To help ease the transition, we’ve put together a few steps to take to get ready for your treatment program. You’ll also have a team of experienced and professional clinicians and counselors by your side 24/7 to be there at a moment’s notice.

Get Your Responsibilities Taken Care of First

You likely have a select group of people that you’re sharing details of your recovery with, but it’s important to let others around you know that you’ll be away for treatment. The stigma around rehab can make this seem impossible, but you’d be surprised at how supportive others are when it comes to your self-improvement.

Often the biggest responsibility we have is one of two things, work or family. Talking to your boss about starting rehab may not sound like a fun conversation, but there are laws and regulations that protect you from discrimination in these situations. Your workplace may even have specific procedures that help you transition to rehab and still return to your job on the other side, should you wish to. If you have family that needs taken care of, reach out to a family member or someone you’re close to and see if they can help while you’re completing treatment.

Your financial obligations are another responsibility to be aware of. Pause any monthly payments you can and make sure you budget to keep bills paid. The last thing you want is to be faced with money troubles and added stress after finishing treatment.

Bring Only What You Need and Relax

When the time comes to get packed, keep it to the essentials. Everything else you need will be provided by ARC to let you focus on treatment rather than whether or not you remembered your toothpaste. Avoid bringing anything related to drug or alcohol use, including clothing with references to the substances.

Once your packing list is in order, you’re all set! Try your best to take the time leading up to check in and relax. Take a hot shower or bath, kick back with your favorite show on auto-play, and rest easy knowing your life is about to change for the better.

To get started with a no-obligation consultation, contact the ARC team today with any questions you have about our rehab campus or programs.