It can be difficult to see someone you care about go through the struggle of addiction. Whether you’ve had this happen or you’re the one currently battling this disease, it’s important to understand that it can severely change how one behaves. There’s no excuse for choices made while under the influence of drugs, but knowing what to expect can make it easier to have a little more patience or to ask for help when needed.

The Ways Addiction Can Alter Your Personality

One of the first signs that drug use has gone from recreational to an addiction is that you stop enjoying hobbies and activities that used to bring you joy. Instead, a majority of your mental space and personal time is spent either using drugs or working to acquire more. Even family members and close friends can quickly fall to the wayside once addiction has taken the primary focus in your mind.

Self-Isolation Often Follows

When drug use is all you can think about, it’s easy to push away those around you who aren’t interested in fueling your addiction. Before long, your social circle is either empty or consists only of those you choose to do drugs with. Along with this change in social setting comes paranoia and suspicion that those around you are either working against you or have an ulterior motive to being around. These feelings can interfere with work, school, and family responsibilities.

A Lack of Interaction Creates Additional Symptoms

Not being around others can lead to developing depression or anxiety, especially if your addiction has led to constant drug use. These feelings intensify during periods of withdrawal which is when the body goes without a drug long enough for the effects to wear off. Withdrawal symptoms caused by broken dependencies within the brain can lead to hallucinations and extreme anxiety if left untreated.

Emotional Stability Disappears

It’s hard enough to handle the daily stress of work or a family, and this is especially true for those dealing with addiction as well. When your day boils down to drug use in between meeting your responsibilities, it can seem like there’s always something you have to be doing. Mix this with a lack of interest in hobbies and your reactions to stress and accidents quickly escalate to explosive levels. In some cases, physical aggression is experienced which further strains relationships with those closest to you.

Your Decisions Become Riskier

Whether it’s due to a lack of self-concern or in pursuit of drug use, those battling addiction often engage in risky behavior. An example would be sharing a needle or having unprotected sex with strangers, both of which can transmit diseases with lifelong health consequences. Operating machinery and driving while under the influence can also become more common as addiction normalizes the behavior of using drugs during everything you do.

How You Can Take Control Back From Addiction

The decision to start down the road to recovery from addiction isn’t always an easy one to make, but it’s one that will help you achieve the best life possible. Addiction treatment facilities that have your best interests in mind will not only help you get your personality back, but it will even show you how to rekindle relationships that may have been damaged by your actions while under the influence.

When you’re ready to stand up to addiction with a team of recovery experts by your side, reach out to America’s Rehab Campuses for free consultations. We’ll work with you to create a custom treatment plan that fits your schedule, medical needs, and life goals. The ARC team is full of compassionate professionals who have dedicated their school and work to helping anyone in need of addiction recovery.