Get Help


Getting help to end a long-time addiction may feel like forcing yourself to face too many obstacles. Whether it’s a sense of failure, or shame, or resentment over having to give up a substance you think has been “getting you through” tough times, they’re all part of the pattern of negative thinking that has kept you tied down to your addiction.

If you’re concerned that addiction might be impacting your relationships, work performance, or your overall wellbeing, reach us today at 833-272-7342. Calling us at ARC won’t commit you to entering our program. Rather we’d happy to share more information about our program to see how it might benefit you.

At ARC we believe that help in achieving sobriety begins with feeling you are in a judgement-free atmosphere, among caring mental-health professionals who can help you over that wall of addiction that’s been surrounding you. “You have to start somewhere,” the saying goes. Why not make your “somewhere” be a call to us today to learn more about the life-changing rehabilitation program we offer at Arizona Rehab Campus?