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Dana Point, CA Rehab Campus

Dana Point, California Drug Rehab

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Luxurious, Upscale, Compassionate and Private Treatment For Addiction

The Dana Point, CA Campus offers a full Medical Detox and Residential Treatment Center (RTC) program. The average length of stay is 30-60 days. The home is a California hillside mansion with all the amenities of a luxurious home.

Addiction is a chronic, progressive, life-long disease requiring treatment and continual maintenance to keep it in remission.Our focus is on re-wiring the neural paths in the brain that keep addiction active.

State of the Art Program Includes:

Evidence-based tools and techniques for the treatment of addiction with PTSD, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors:

  • Medically assisted treatments for detox, to reduce cravings, reduce withdrawal symptoms, medication assisted maintenance.
  • Specific opioid addiction program
  • Psychotherapies, group and individual sessions.
  • Education and learning
Integrative treatments such as:
  • Energy balancing, Drumming and Rhythmic Therapies, Narrative Therapy, Movement & Activities Therapy
  • Healthy & Gourmet Meals Prepared by a Chef
  • Experiential and Recreational Therapies
  • Heart-centered Meditation
  • Meditation and Guided Visualization
  • Bio-Psycho Social, Physical Exams
  • Wellness Panels
  • Nutrition, vitamin, enzyme therapy
  • Beautiful, upscale and private mansion setting treatment home in the hills of majestical Dana Point, CA.

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