sober curious

If you’ve seen news about pandemic restrictions lifting and the various new ways groups are socializing, you may have noticed an increase in talks about the sober curious movement. Sober curiosity is meant to help those struggling with alcohol consumption still enjoy celebrating things like birthdays, graduations, and marriages without being dependent on the substance.

Simply put, sober curious people tend to abstain from alcohol on a regular basis and save drinking for larger or more meaningful events. This leads to multiple improvements for their life, in both physical and mental aspects.

What Are the Benefits of Being Sober Curious?

The most impactful benefit of reducing alcohol consumption is rather straightforward. Alcohol only harms the body in those aged 12-39, with older individuals seeing minimal benefits in warding off heart-related issues. Even then, the recommended amount is no more than a glass or two of red wine per day. Short-term health issues that you avoid when practicing sobriety include:

  • Injuries or fatalities resulting from driving while under the influence.
  • Fights and altercations that can escalate into violence.
  • Alcohol poisoning from excessive drinking.
  • Poor decision making regarding sexual partners leading to unexpected pregnancy or STDs.

Opting for non-alcoholic drinks also allows you to be more present and focused during conversations. Your tab at the end of the night may be surprisingly low since you aren’t trying to maintain a certain level of inebriation or fuel a need to “keep up” with others. Instead your time and money will be better used to immerse yourself in the experience rather than the alcohol.

Who Can Be Sober Curious?

A quick answer to this is that anyone can be sober curious! The movement has developed its own culture to help support those seeking out a healthier balance in their alcohol consumption. Some may find it harder to limit their drinking during an evening out which is why sober bars are popping up quickly as cities open back up from the pandemic.

Sobriety makes maintaining an alcohol-free existence much easier as your mind is clear enough to be more aware of what’s going on internally and externally. If you’re struggling with how much you drink but enjoy the social aspects of heading to the bar or trying a flight of beers with friends, sober curiosity may be just what you’re looking for.

As more beverage companies both old and new start entering into the non-alcoholic space, so too do the number of options found on tap lists and bar menus. Now those who enjoy alcohol for the flavor have an entire new world of drinks to explore that don’t come with a nasty hangover the next day. The more sober bars and brands that emerge, the stronger the shift in drinking culture becomes.

How Do I Become Sober Curious?

Anyone battling alcohol abuse or dependency should always start with alcohol addiction treatment from a trusted rehab facility. There are options to attend treatment from just a short amount of time each day up to inpatient treatment that allows you to live on-site during the program. Outside of treatment, it’s suggested to explore other hobbies that aren’t related to drinking such as art, getting out in nature, or starting your own sober sports nights!

If you have any questions on sobriety or how recovery from alcohol addiction works, take a moment to reach out to the ARC team today. Our team of experienced clinicians, psychologists, and mentors can help answer your questions with a free consultation.