People Talking Celebrating Thanksgiving Holiday Concept

Our culture treats casual binge drinking and alcohol in general as a prerequisite for fun, which can make the approach of the holidays difficult for people in recovery. While the temptation to drink can be stressful, you should prepare for this by speaking to family in advance to ensure everyone appreciates and supports your commitment to sobriety. However, celebrating the holidays sober isn’t just about navigating obstacles to sobriety; rather, it comes with a whole new set of possibilities and opportunities you’d have missed out on had you not entered recovery.

Live in the Moment with Family and Friends

Addiction is an obstacle to healthy socialization and spending time with loved ones in any event, especially when we’re talking about extensive, day-long celebrations. It would be hard to bear without sneaking away to take a hit, or to enjoy the holidays without drinking to excess. Being free of addiction means that you can enjoy the holidays properly, making great memories that you’ll hold onto for years.

Hold Onto Your Memories

Speaking of holding onto memories, quitting addiction and restoring the health of your brain is also indispensable in that regard. Alcohol abuse and drug abuse both impair the brain in the short term, and prolonged use causes lasting damage that only recovers months after you quit drinking. However, it is possible to recover and restore much of your long-term memory and keep these precious moments in your mind.

Sleep Better and Have the Energy to Enjoy the Day

Drug abuse has a mixture of health consequences that are all but certain to detract from your ability to enjoy the holidays. For one, drugs generally disrupt the circadian rhythm and pose various challenges to sleep length and quality. Not only is sleep more likely to be short-lived and frequently disrupted, but a smaller amount of that time consists of restorative, restful REM sleep. Getting better means that you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy the day.

Set a Good Example for the Kids

Even if the other adults are drinking, that doesn’t mean that you have to sip your juice alone. The kids aren’t drinking either, and you can chat with them and play games. They’re sure to appreciate the attention, and you might find some interesting commonalities or a new favorite niece in doing so. It’s good for you and good for the kids, and it’s sure to be more memorable than having one too many jello shots around your in-laws.

Take the Hustle and Bustle of the Holidays in Stride

The holidays are great fun, but they’re also quite busy and stressful. Organizing everything, packing for trips, and otherwise keeping pace with the occasion is quite demanding. It’s all that much harder to deal with when you’re struggling with the cognitive harm and unstable mood that comes with addiction. Sobriety helps you stay on top of the challenges of the holidays and still have a good time when the dust settles.

Put Your Money to Better Use

Drinking and doing drugs is remarkably expensive, and saving on these habits will put you in a better position for the holidays. Get someone you love something they’ll really appreciate, or even spoil yourself a bit as a reward for staying clean.

Use Your Car as Needed

Maybe you need to make a last-minute run to pick up a fresh pumpkin for grandma’s famous pie recipe, but the bottom line is that sobriety means you can always use your car as needed. You can take trips as needed, and provide your family a safe ride home when the celebrations are at an end.

Trade Booze for Baked Goods

Alcohol is quite dense with calories, which are a hot commodity in any holiday celebration. A single drink can have 150+ calories, can be more than a serving of some desserts. Overindulging in delicious desserts while spending time with family is much better than drinking to excess, anyway.

The Holidays Are Better Sober

If you want to get sober for the holidays or want help staying clean amidst the festivities, our Phoenix rehab campus can help people at all steps in their recovery journey. Our treatment for alcohol abuse includes traditional inpatient care, as well outpatient counseling and group sessions that can help you stay on the right path. Get in touch today to learn more about how America’s Rehab Campuses can support your journey of recovery.