America's Rehab Campuses Amenities

Finding the way out of the grasp of substance abuse and addiction can be one of the most difficult challenges an individual faces in their life. Those who attempt to achieve sobriety on their own often run into issues with relapsing due to not having adequate help.

For the most severe cases, the treatment option typically used is residential treatment. Both inpatient and residential treatment programs provide individuals with a safe and supervised environment to begin the recovery process.

What is Residential Substance Abuse Treatment?

As Arizona’s leading rehab facility, America’s Rehab Campus is often the answer when searching “residential treatment near me in Tucson.” Our team works with the community in order to make treatment as accessible as possible.

In order to achieve that, we offer inpatient residential treatment right here within our campus. What this means is that you’ll be able to get residential treatment near you directly in Tucson without the need for multiple offices and referrals.

Inpatient rehab requires patients to check in and remain at the rehab facility until the end of treatment. Medically-supervised detox followed by mental health counseling creates a seamless treatment experience to help improve chances of success.

What Happens During Inpatient Rehab?

Each individual will have a different experience during rehab based on their personality, background and severity of addiction. Patients spend each day at the facility where they attend therapy sessions, addiction education classes and workshops to build life skills.

America’s Rehab Campus is also fully equipped with the latest in recreational technology which simply means everything from gyms and games and hobby rooms. Some patients may change from residential rehab to outpatient if they’re doing well and want to reclaim some independence during treatment.

Medically-assisted detox is handled on-campus as well to keep all developments and discoveries known within your dedicated recovery team. The reason for medical detox is that certain substances create extreme physical and psychological dependencies. When that substance is removed, the brain no longer knows how to function on its own and results in withdrawal symptoms.

Getting these symptoms managed is crucial as many failed recovery attempts lose steam when withdrawal symptoms become too painful or uncomfortable. Supervisory staff can administer medication to relieve pain, nausea and emotional distress that occurs.

How Can I Start Residential Treatment Near Me in Tucson?

The first step in any pursuit of treatment is to verify your insurance coverage. Reaching out to your insurance provider can reward you with a list of covered services so you understand the cost, if any, you would be responsible for.

Once insurance has been confirmed you’ll schedule a consultation for our team to get a better idea of the challenges you face each day. Emergency situations may require a medical detox first for those posing a danger to themselves or others. Typically this is only needed in cases where a substance has been heavily abused for a long period of time.

From there it’s a unique road for each patient with different types of counseling and therapy found along the way. Mental health professionals will work directly with you to help discover what led to substance abuse in the first place. You’ll also be able to share your story and hear from others on how they’ve overcome their biggest hurdles.

Finding the motivation to begin treatment can be difficult, especially if you haven’t looked into it before. At America’s Rehab Campus, we work with patients presenting all levels of severity when it comes to addiction and substance abuse.

When you’re ready to start working towards sobriety, give our team of recovery specialists a call for a private consultation at no charge. Our goal is to bring treatment to those who need it most, and each success story starts with taking the first step.