life in recovery

If you’re wondering how to make the most out of the new year, take a moment to think about your relationship with drug or alcohol use. With half of all Americans having used illicit drugs in the last year, it may come as no surprise to learn that thousands of addicted individuals choose recovery as their focus for the new year. Depending on who you ask, recovery either starts once you enter treatment or when you’ve made the decision to pursue sobriety. No matter what drives you, the important part is getting started!

What It Means To Start Recovery

There’s no lack of different terms used to refer to addiction and recovery, especially since addiction and mental illness treatment as a whole have only gained public momentum in recent years. When you start your recovery, you’re committing to working towards a sober future for yourself and those around you. Being in recovery doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be setbacks and hurdles to overcome, but as long as you stay the course, you’ll be able to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Recovery also looks different from person to person. Even the most similar looking situations require unique approaches in treatment to support a strong recovery. Starting recovery is a lifelong decision as addiction has no way to be “cured”, rather you learn and grow from your addiction and develop the skills needed to ignore cravings and impulses in the future.

What To Expect in Recovery

Given how long the journey is, it’s natural to wonder what exactly happens during recovery. At its core, recovery refers to the decisions you make every day that help you avoid drug and alcohol use while still working towards your personal and professional goals. To help you achieve these milestones, you’ll have 24/7 support during your recovery at America’s Rehab Campus. Our medical team will guide you through therapy and detox while our mentors and career coaches prepare you for a productive and engaging life post-treatment.

ARC guests often find new friends during treatment that they can lean on during hard times. These relationships can last a lifetime, with many alumni speaking at our campus to talk about how the strong community at ARC helped them through to the next stages of their recovery.

New Year, New You, New Mission

Give your recovery the strongest chances at success by starting your treatment here with the ARC team. From medical detox to aftercare support, we’re committed to your long-term success and sobriety. Our goal is to help you avoid relapse and give you the support needed to last a lifetime, rather than just enough to get you through treatment.

If you or a loved one have set sobriety as the goal this year, take a moment to reach out to America’s Rehab Campus to get started.